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Scholarly Presentation

What is this event? This event has been running for 25 years. Each year a faculty is selected to present their original research to the COC campus and neighboring community. We want this event to showcase the amazing careers, experience, and interests of our talented faculty and provide a way for students, staff, faculty and the community to engage in dialogue about these fascinating research topics. This event will be in person at the PAC and live-streamed in on November 30th, 2022.  FLEX credit available. 

Events for 2022 

Fall: Dr. Michael Habib, department of biology at COC, will give a presentation "Flying Above the Dinosaurs: Uncovering the Mysteries of Giant Pterosaurs" on November 30th, 2022 at 6:00pm. Please find the Zoom recording of the event here: Event Recording

View the digital program here:

Previous 2022 event:

Spring:  Dr. Sarah Etheridge gave updates on the last 10 years of her research in primate conservation and clean water programs in central America and Africa.  You can view the 2012 presentation below. 


Dr Michael Habib: Dr. Michael Habib is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of California Los Angeles, a Research Associate in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, an Adjunct Professor of Biology at College of the Canyons, and a freelance writer/consultant. He is a paleontologist exploring the relationships between animal structure and motion, using a combination of anatomy, art, and engineering. Dr. Habib has authored numerous scientific papers, appeared in a diverse array of television specials, worked as a scientific editor for National Geographic Magazine, writes for Scientific American Magazine, and has applied science to creature design on over 20 projects for leading studios, including BBC, CBC, National Geographic, Creative Differences, YouTube Originals, Amblin Entertainment, and Apple TV+.

Dr Sarah Etheridge, Chair: Dr Etheridge teaches in Anthropology and gave her Scholarly Presentation on primate conservation in 2012. She became Chair of Scholarly Presentation in 2018. Her research interests are primates, genetics, epidemiology and Egyptology.



Vanishing Primates Revisited (2022):


Vanishing Primates (2012) Part 1:

Vanishing Primates (2012) Part 2:

Vanishing Primates (2012) Part 3:

Vanishing Primates (2012) Part 4:

Past Presentations:




Click here to watch: Pompeii Revisited March 11th Scholarly Presentation 

Click here to watch: Galapagos Revisited April 15th Scholarly Presentation