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How to Give

Gift of Cash

Gifts of cash provide the donor an immediate tax saving. Cash gifts to the COC Foundation may be made by check or money order. A gift made by check or money order should be made payable to the College of the Canyons Foundation and mailed to the address shown below:

College of the Canyons Foundation
26455 Rockwell Canyon Road 

Santa Clarita, CA 91355


Click Here to make your donation by credit card.

Gift of Other Appreciated Property 

Gifts of other appreciated property, including real estate or securities, provide attractive tax benefits for the donor. The donor avoids capital gains tax on long-term holdings, and he or she may claim the full market value of the securities at the time of the transfer as a deduction to his or her income for the year in which the gift is made.


Gifts of materials or other usable or marketable, tangible items, valued by the donor, are accepted only after they have been evaluated by the business office of the college and upon recommendation of the Chancellor of the college to the Foundation and the College's Board of Trustees. The donor will be requested to provide detailed information, including make, model, serial number, purchase price, age, etc. about the item being donated. This will be recorded on the appropriate form.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Assets of cash, securities or real estate are transferred to a trust and removed from one's taxable estate. The trust pays a fixed percentage of the trust's assets as income to the beneficiary/donor each year. If appreciated, long-term assets are used to fund the trust, capital gains tax otherwise due if the asset were sold is avoided. In addition, the donor will receive a substantial charitable contribution deduction in the year the trust is funded.

Bank Account in Trust

A bank account may also be opened in trust for the Foundation. You may add or subtract from the account at any time and all interest earned is yours. In the event of death, the account would automatically be given to the Foundation.

Other Options

If you have questions about any of the above described plans or you have a special situation you wish to discuss, please contact the Foundation Office at (661) 362-3434. We welcome the opportunity to discuss charitable gifts with you and/or your advisors.


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Gift by Will

A Bequest in your will is an excellent method of providing an educational legacy that continues to grow over time to benefit future generations of students. Another method is a contingent bequest that allows you to designate that your estate goes to your spouse or family if they survive you. If there were no survivors, your estate would then go to College of the Canyons Foundation.

Gift of Life Insurance

A prospective donor who owns an insurance policy that is no longer needed for its original purpose may gift it to the College of the Canyons Foundation. The Foundation must both own and be named the beneficiary of the policy. In general, the donor will be entitled to an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value and can deduct the amount of future premiums paid to the College of the Canyons Foundation. The gift amount credited to the college will be the face value of the policy. Prospective donors who may be considering a gift of life insurance and need assistance may contact the Foundation Office at (661) 362-3434.

Gift of Real Estate

A gift of your personal residence, farm, vacation home, commercial property or undeveloped land offers you valuable income tax and estate tax savings. An immediate charitable tax deduction may be realized, for example, by deeding your home or other real estate to the Foundation, while retaining the right to live in the home or retain its use during your lifetime. 

Gift by Payroll Deduction

As a College of the Canyons employee you have the opportunity to set up a recurring monthly donations (10 deductions annually). Employees can direct their gift towards a program or scholarship of their choice. Click here to download the Employee Payroll Deduction Form. 


Planning for your Future, Minimizing Taxes and Leveraging your Legacy