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Articulation is the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses (or sequences of courses) from a "sending" campus that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of specific course requirements at a "receiving" campus.  The main purpose of articulation is to facilitate the successful transfer of students from a community college to a four-year institution.

UC/CSU Articulation

ASSIST (Articulation System Stimulating Interinstitutional Student Transfer) is the official repository of articulation for California's public colleges and universities providing the most accurate and up-to-date information available about student transfer in California. ASSIST is a student-transfer information system that displays reports of how course credits earned at one California Community College can be applied when transferred to a California State University or University of California campus.  The ASSIST website helps California Community College students explore UC and CSU campuses and majors. It also houses all of the course articulation agreements between the California Community Colleges and the UC and CSU campuses. Articulation agreements are formalized agreements between California Community Colleges and Universities that establish transfer course equivalency, so that students can determine which classes at the community college are equivalent to those at the university. Articulation agreements are available by major for specific university campuses, so a student can determine which courses are required for their major at the university campus for which they're interested. The ASSIST website also provides students with campus and major specific admission requirement information.  The ASSIST website can be accessed at

The ASSIST website also houses information of the two systemwide General Education transfer patterns:

Worksheets for College of the Canyons coursework for IGETC and CSU-GE can be accessed through the links above.


Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook University Center Programs

The Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook University center, located on the College of the Canyons Valencia campus, offers many Bachelor and Master Degree programs through our University Center Partner Institutions. Specific articulation information for Bachelor programs offered at the University Center can be found through the links above for UC/CSU and Private College & University articulation. Admission to any of the University Center programs is handled through the respective universities. Credential or degree programs have specific prerequisites and requirements, the admission process is handled through the institution providing the degree or credential. Each partner university works with College of the Canyons counselors to ensure the transferability of lower-division coursework. Provided the student completes the approved courses with satisfactory grades, meets other admission requirements of the partnering institution, and the institutions program is not impacted, the student is given priority for admission and registration. A list of current programs offered at the University Center can be found here.

Private & Out-of-State College Articultion

College of the Canyons has many articualtion/transfer agreements with Private and Out-of-State Colleges.  More information can be found at the following links:
Private College Articulation Agreements
Out-of-State College Articualtion Agreements

High School Articulation

An articulated high school course is one in which a determination has been made between College and High School faculty that a course offered at the High School level is comparable to a specific community college course.  College of the Canyons and the William S. Hart Union High School District have a number of articulated courses. For a list of current articulated courses between College of the Canyons and the William S. Hart District, please click here.


Articulation Office Contact:
Patrick Backes
Articulation Officer & Curriculum Analyst
(661) 362-5479