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Institutional Review Board

Santa Clarita Community College District Institutional Review Board

The Santa Clarita Community College District Institutional Review Board is charged with protecting the rights and welfare of human research subjects for projects in which the District is engaged.

Guided by the principles of The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, the SCCCD IRB reviews all human research protocols in accordance with federal regulations, State laws, and local and District policies. The SCCCD IRB is comprised of members from various disciplines in the social/behavioral sciences, biological/physical sciences, nursing, institutional research office, and community/lay members (as needed) to assure a comprehensive review process. Through a collaborative partnership, the SCCCD IRB assists investigators in the protection of human subjects. These subjects are truly a scarce resource, worthy of our gratitude, respect, and protection. The District is committed to conducting its behavioral research involving human subjects under rigorous ethical principles.

Note to outside investigators: At this time the online submission process is not open to investigators that are not employed by the Santa Clarita Community College District (SCCCD). Non-SCCCD investigators involved in human subjects research that seek to access any SCCCD facilities, students or personnel (faculty, staff or administrators) must secure sponsorship from a SCCCD faculty, staff or administrator who will be responsible for submitting the proposal on their behalf. To help the SCCCD faculty, staff or administrator in submitting a proposal it is recommended that an electronic copy of the IRB proposal form from the home institution and a copy of the approval letter must be provided to the co-chairs, if applicable.

Documents and Resources

IRB Pamphlet

Santa Clarita Community College District Institutional Review Board (IRB) Charter and Operations Procedures

New Protocol Applications and Forms (Internal Investigators Only)

Research Activities Eligible for Exempt and Expedited Review:

Adverse Event Reporting Form

Required Online Training (full course required for first year and then refresher course during next training update-3 years after initial course)

IRB Meeting Schedule

List of Abbreviations

Additional Resources

Frequently Asked Questions


Resources for Outside Investigators (Please submit all documents electronically to your SCCCD sponsor-District employee)

New Submissions: