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News Release

January 25, 2019 

Chancellor Appointed to Funding Committee 

College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook has been named to serve on the Community College Student Success Funding Formula Oversight Committee, which will oversee the implementation of California’s funding formula to ensure it meets the needs of the state’s 2.1 million community college students.

Dr. Van Hook was appointed by Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-L.A.) and nominated by Assembly Member Christy Smith (D-Santa Clarita) to serve on the 12-member committee. 

“I am excited to be part of the Student Success Funding Formula Oversight Committee and use my experience to contribute to the dialogue and ensure colleges are financially equipped to serve their communities,” said Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook, who has been the CEO of the Santa Clarita Community College District for more than 30 years. “It is our responsibility to assess the formula’s effectiveness, and recommend changes to make improvements that will meet the needs of all California community college students.”

Dr. Van Hook was sworn in by Smith on Monday, Jan. 21 at the college. 

“It was my honor to nominate and swear in Dr. Van Hook to the California Community College Student Success Funding Formula Oversight Committee,” said Smith. “Her depth of knowledge, understanding of the unique mission of community colleges, and real time administration over current funding challenges, position her to be a powerful advocate for the community college students in our district and the state.” 

The committee was created to continuously evaluate the implementation of the state’s student success funding formula established by AB 1809. The bill was introduced to adopt a formula that will encourage educational access for underrepresented students and provide support for low-income students. The formula will reward colleges based on student success metrics and improve overall equity throughout the California community college system. 

“Dr. Van Hook’s long tenure at College of the Canyons shows the enduring respect her community has for the changes and improvements she has brought to the school,” said Rendon. “It speaks volumes to know that one of our newest Assembly members was once Dr. Van Hook’s student. Assembly member Christy Smith’s recommendation is a key factor in this appointment. I’m hopeful that Dr. Van Hook’s deep knowledge will contribute to the funding formula committee’s task of making the most of funds for everyone.”

Rendon also appointed Angelica Garcia, vice president of student services at Skyline College, Liz Guillen, director of legislative and community affairs at Public Advocates, Inc., and John McDowell, adjunct professor of labor studies at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.