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News Release

July 7, 2021

Michael Monsour Wins Senate President Award

Michael Monsour, an enrollment services analyst at College of the Canyons, was selected as the 2021 4CS Senate President Award recipient by the California Community Colleges’ Classified Senate (4CS).

This statewide award recognizes an outstanding classified senate president who is confident and respectful of their classified colleagues and the college community, leads by example, and recognizes the leadership and talent in others. The selected recipient must also have a track record for inspiring the senate to advance and accomplish special contributions for the benefit to the students, staff and the district's overall direction while also promoting open communication among work groups.

“This award represents a collective effort by everyone participating in the College of the Canyons Classified Senate, those serving on the Senate Board, and those supporting our endeavors throughout the district,” said Monsour. “I am honored to work alongside amazing colleagues who have persevered during an unprecedented year. I hope to continue to create opportunities for classified employees to have their ideas and input incorporated into the fabric of college planning and decision-making. Thank you to the 4CS for this award, and for everyone who entrusted me with this opportunity to serve.”

Monsour was recognized at the Classified Leadership Institute that was held virtually on Thursday, June 10.

He was selected for this award after only ten months serving as the classified senate president, making his selection unique amongst a field of veteran senate executive officers.

“I wish to congratulate Michael Monsour on earning this statewide honor,” said College of the Canyons Chancellor Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook. “His commitment to excellence and creativity is well-known throughout the campus community. In less than a year, his hard work, vision, and leadership have reinvigorated the Classified Senate and led to significant changes that will benefit our classified staff members and students for years to come.”

During his tenure as classified senate president, Monsour has written several district proposals, including board policies designed to encourage equitable levels of classified participation in college activities and governance. Under his leadership, the College of the Canyons Classified Senate Board created a well-reviewed news publication called “That’s Classified!” and further developed a podcast called “Classified Corner,” intended to help classified professionals stay better connected with one-another during the pandemic and beyond. In addition, he oversaw the redrafting of his local senate’s constitution and bylaws, and helped to usher in a classified anti-racism resolution.

In his position as an enrollment services analyst at the college, Monsour’s primary work responsibilities revolve around reducing barriers for new students to matriculate and enroll.

Recently, Monsour, along with a diverse group of classified professionals, administrators, and faculty, presented at the National Bellwether Conference, and subsequently won a Bellwether Award for their innovative assessment and math and English sequence redesign practices. Monsour was also recognized when he became the 2020 College of the Canyons “Dare to Dream” award recipient.

The College of the Canyons Classified Senate is a representative body that works to improve the college by means of incorporating classified perspectives, as afforded by the collegial consultation process, policy, and law. Furthermore, the Classified Senate is a conduit for exchanging ideas and disseminating information to and from the classified membership. To this end, the senate regularly interacts and engages with the Board of Trustees, college administration, and all other internal representative organizations and groups.

Formed by the California community college's classified staff, 4CS is non-profit organization that serves as the statewide Classified Senate. 4CS supports the leadership roles of classified staff in the governance of the California Community College System through the development and support of local senate, advocating increased involvement at the state level, and promoting leadership skills among classified staff.

For more information about the college’s Classified Senate, please click here.