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Don't want to wait for the next open house?

Tell us how we can help you! If you don't want to wait for the next Open House, please tell us which program you're interested in by using the link below.

Request Information

Contact us directly at:

Nancy Mayer,, (661) 362-5474
Rene Guerrero, UCEN Outreach/In-Reach Coordinator, , (661) 362-5150
Leslie Carr, UCEN Director,, (661) 362-3100

How does the University Center work?

Admission to any of the University Center programs is handled through the respective universities. Credential or degree programs have specific prerequisites and requirements, the admission process is handled through the institution providing the degree or credential. Each partner university works with College of the Canyons counselors to ensure the transferability of lower-division coursework. Provided the student completes the approved courses with satisfactory grades, meets other admission requirements of the partnering institution, and the institutions program is not impacted, the student is given priority for admission and registration.