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Anniversary Celebration! 

CCC 15th Anniversary: Fifteen Facts

As COC’s Canyon Country Campus celebrates 15 years during the 2022/23 academic year, there is much to celebrate!
Each week we will highlight fifteen facts, figures, or features of the Canyon Country Campus that make it unique and help students to succeed.  Here is our first of “fifteen facts” below:

1 – The Canyon Country Campus is…COMPREHENSIVE

The Canyon Country Campus is a comprehensive campus, intentionally designed and operated by the District to provide a wide variety of instructional and student support services that effectively serve student and community needs. ​The comprehensive nature of the Canyon Country Campus, both now and in the future, provides opportunities for students to complete programs of study with class offerings, services, and extensive facilities that are designed to seamlessly interface with overall operations at College of the Canyons.

2 – The Canyon Country Campus is…TEACHING

The Canyon Country Campus provides high-quality, in-person instruction and is an important part of the College’s overall instructional programming. With classes offered in more than two dozen-plus departments each semester, including multiple degree and certificate options, the Canyon Country Campus offers a variety of classes to serve student interests and facilitate success. ​Campus-specific program “maps,” which describe a path to completion of a degree or certificate at CCC, are available in more than 30 different combinations posted online at  With multiple new classroom and lab spaces, the campus looks forward to facilitating ongoing instructional success! 

3 – The Canyon Country Campus is…CARING

The Canyon Country Campus offers supportive student services and resources designed to enhance learning and foster engagement on campus. Some examples of services and resources include counseling, financial aid, admissions and records, student health, veteran services, library and tutoring resources, campus life & student engagement office, among many others. Students can easily interact with services interchangeably between campuses or specifically on-site at CCC, and the forthcoming Student Services & Learning Resources Center will provide a notable destination for student access of these valuable services

4 – The Canyon Country Campus is…STATE OF THE ART

The Canyon Country Campus is fast becoming home to new, state-of-the-art facilities such as the Takeda Science Center. Opened in Fall 2021, this four-story, 55,000 square-foot Science Center provides much-needed labs, multiple classrooms, student study rooms, offices and meeting space. ​

With nineteen classrooms adjacent to large plaza spaces and an exterior amphitheater, the Science Center has transformed Canyon Country Campus facilities and provided space for high-demand student instructional pathways. It is exciting to see the campus continue to transform!

5 – The Canyon Country Campus is…GUIDING

The Canyon Country Campus is guiding the way for students and their success with multiple academic pathways specific to campus offerings. The campus offers a wide variety of classes, including multiple degree and certificate options, which serve many student interests and facilitate success. More than 30 CCC-specific program maps are available in associate degree and certificate programs, providing useful information to support student enrollment choices and clarity on schedule pathways. These materials continue to be updated and provide a leading means of serving our students:

6 – The Canyon Country Campus is…STRATEGIC

The Canyon Country Campus supports the District goals of Access, Engagement, and Success. ​CCC expands access through well-designed facilities, programs, and services offered in the growing eastern portion of COC's service area. On-site support, events, services, and messaging are designed to facilitate student, staff, and community engagement, and campus operations are intentionally focused on supporting student success. ​The Canyon Country Campus continues to play an important role in helping COC make progress on overall district goals.​

7 – The Canyon Country Campus is…ENGAGING

The Canyon Country Campus has a history of engaging campus events that welcome in the community, celebrate student and faculty excellence, and highlight campus programs and services. ​Notable examples of CCC engagement events include the popular community Science Talks Series (Star Parties, Garden Walks, Topical Science Speakers), Movie Nights, ASG and Campus Life & Student Engagement Events, as well as a variety of community partnership events. The Canyon Country Campus is a great venue for all manner of engagement, supporting our students. 

8 – The Canyon Country Campus is…BIODIVERSE

The Canyon Country Campus has become more biodiverse (and beautiful!) with the efforts of Facilities staff, faculty grant work, and student clubs among other activities. The campus is proud to serve as an outdoor laboratory with improvements to garden spaces such as the meditation garden, outdoor research garden, Science Center garden beds, bird/bee habitats, milkweed garden, and spaces for demonstration, native and drought-tolerant plants, wildflowers, a seed bank, and various instructional and community uses. ​Engaging events are often tied to campus grounds, such as the Science Talk Garden Walks on the scenic high desert campus, and CCC will continue to showcase campus grounds and spaces in future events.

9 – The Canyon Country Campus is…MULTIDISCIPLINARY

The Canyon Country Campus offers classes in many academic disciplines, including several unique campus programs through the Applied Technology Education Center. ​Often known for Science-related programming, due to the excellent Takeda Science Center, the Canyon Country Campus offers a variety of STEM-based classes but also offers a wide variety of transfer-level classes in areas such as social sciences, humanities, business and more. ​For Spring 2023, CCC classes will be offered in approximately 25 different departments, providing a breadth of options for students. For more details, please visit the COC schedule of classes, the CCC homepage, and/or the program mapper tool.

10 – The Canyon Country Campus is…STUDENT CENTERED

The Canyon Country Campus is focused on supporting students, providing student-centered spaces and learning experiences, and championing student leaders. The dedicated and fun CCC team works hard to provide focused, friendly support to help students succeed, and new spaces in the Student Services & Learning Resources Center will expand options for study, support, and engagement in a beautiful new campus facility.

11 – The Canyon Country Campus is…SUPPORTIVE

The Canyon Country Campus supports students and invites the community to meaningfully participate in programming and services. Staff and functions that support students on campus have a reputation for being personable, welcoming, and efficient and this work is poised to continue with enhanced facilities and spaces ahead. ​Currently, the new Student Services & Learning Resources Center is nearing completion, and this project will provide a unified location for students to receive support, use learning resources, study, and meet with a full complement of services in addition to student gathering and classroom spaces. The supportive work at CCC is poised to continue with excellence.  

12 – The Canyon Country Campus is…INNOVATIVE

At fifteen years, the Canyon Country Campus has a history of being innovative—piloting and trying new things and using the campus in creative ways to make a difference. For example, CCC incubated the popular Science Talks series, added campus-specific programs and pathways, used darker skies for "under the stars" events, opened the campus grounds for lab specimen collection and garden explorations, involved ASG and students in mic nights and movie events, built excitement with community band events, showcased staff support through Patio Talks, and created many other innovative instructional and programmatic opportunities in evolving facilities. The Canyon Country Campus is proud to sustain a reputation for being pioneering and continues to identify opportunities to serve as an ongoing “laboratory for innovation."

13 – The Canyon Country Campus is…BEAUTIFUL

The Canyon Country Campus is a beautiful campus. The campus is situated in a distinctive high-desert environment that provides stunning views of the Sierra Pelona hills, Sierra Highway corridor, and Santa Clarita sunsets. Campus grounds include multiple gardens and gathering spaces, and facilities take artful advantage of the terrain to welcome in students and community members to multiple floors of new buildings alongside other campus classrooms and services.​ The campus also honors the beautiful support given by people like Roger Van Hook, who tirelessly and cheerfully encouraged the best in our work and in each other. All who ever crossed Roger's path are better for it, and we celebrate the amazing difference he has made in this world and the legacy he has left for so many through his passionate care for others. 

14 – The Canyon Country Campus is…EVOLVING

The campus has changed significantly since it first opened in 2007. From initial classes entirely in modulars alongside newly graded hillsides to a landscaped campus with sizable new permanent facilities projects, the look and feel of the campus has changed tremendously. Campus programs and services have also evolved, with an increased STEM and CTE footprint alongside multiple campus instructional pathways, extensive engagement events and partnerships, and student services with a reputation for personal care and excellence. ​Supported by college planning, the visionary leadership of the chancellor, campus advisory input, and ongoing staff and student insights, the campus is proudly a comprehensive campus that is changing for the better each year

15 – The Canyon Country Campus is…PIONEERING

Thank you for following our 15-week series highlighting many notable facts and features of COC's Canyon Country Campus! ​The campus has changed tremendously over the last 15 years. Nearly 70,000 students have earned course credit at CCC, and facilities, instruction, and services have all evolved significantly to serve student and community needs. The semesters ahead are full of promise and excitement with campus developments and student support resources designed to thoughtfully serve students going forward. ​The Canyon Country Campus and the campus team exemplify a pioneering spirit that is dedicated to making the campus thrive, supporting students with many opportunities. Stay tuned for details at and thank you for all you do to support COC's ongoing excellence at the Canyon Country Campus!

Thank you to all the faculty, staff, students, and community partners who continue to play a role in making the campus a wonderful part of College of the Canyons.