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 Music Department Chair
Theory, Composition, Music Appreciation, Music Fundamentals

Born in Mexico City in 1955, Dr. Feldman began his musical studies under the guidance of piano professor Joaquin Amparan. Between 1970 and 1978 he attended the Conservatorio Nacional de Musica where he had the opportunity to work with internationally respected composers such as Daniel Catan, Jesus Villasenor, Leonardo Velasquez, and Mario Lavista. In 1982, he obtained scholarships from the Ahmanson Foundation and D.A.F.C.A to attend the California Institute of the Arts where he would earn, in 1985, a Masters of Fine Arts degree after studying with Morton Subotnick, Louis Andriessen, Bernard Rands, Mel Powell, Stephen Mosko, and Barry Schrader. Subsequently and within the same school, Feldman taught courses in composition and music theory. He later earned his Ph.D. from UCLA.

His music has been described as "...highly original and abounding on innovative timbral discoveries..." (Jose Barros Sierra, Excelsior, Mexico City) "...charged with a unique sensibility..." (Jeannie Pool, Music of the Americas, KPFK FM, Los Angeles) " which the elements of rigor and fantasy coexist with each other..." (John Henken, Los Angeles Times)

His catalog of works include music for chamber and symphonic groups as well as compositions involving the use of computers to combine and process electronic and acoustic sounds. His music has been performed throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil, several European countries, and Israel by major ensembles such as the Orquesta Filarmonica de la Ciudad de Mexico, the New London Contemporary Ensemble, North/South Consonance, Cuarteto Latinoamericano, the Cal Arts 20th Century Players, and the Cuarteto de la Ciudad de Mexico. He has been commissioned to write for the Los Angeles Festival, as well as the Foro Internacional de Musica Nueva, Festival de Oaxaca, the Gran Festival de la Ciudad de Mexico, and the Elektronmusic Festivalen in Sweden.

Prominent among his collaborations with artists from other media are Cloud Dreamer, an animated film by Ray Huerta featured on the Disney Channel, as well as Multiple Visions, a multidisciplinary event involving kinetic sculpture, lights, dance, and music, in conjunctions with sculptress Paz Cohen and choreographer Janet Welsh.

In addition to his participation in events for the stage, Feldman has worked in film and video endeavors, primarily for Churchill Films. In 1993 and 1994 he participated in the project Music in Motion. Financed through a grant from the Pew Charitable Trust and the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund and organized by the Atlantic Center for the Arts and Relache, Inc. the project consisted of three residences at Arizona State University collaborating with the California EAR Unit in the creation of a composition in an environment that fostered experimentation as well as the active participation of an audience present during the creation of the work.

Several of his compositions have been included on CDs by artists such as Jill Felber (Music for Flute - Neuma Records, Boston), Lidia Tamayo (Son A Tamayo - Lejos del Paraiso, Mexico City) and thought the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the U.S. (Music from SEAMUS, volume 1, University of Illinois Experimental Music Studios).

Dr. Feldman has recently been the recipient of awards from the University of California, Meet the Composer, Inc., and A.S.C.A.P.

Reviews and information regarding his works can be found in Music and Composers from Latin America, (by Max Lifchitz, Greenwood Press, New York), Journal (Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the United States), Mexicans Living Abroad (by Thomas P. Woll, Illingen, Germany), the 15th edition of Men of Achievement, and the Dictionary of International Biography (International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England). The complete catalog of his works has been published within the Diccionario de Compositores Mexicanos del Siglo XX (Fondo de Cultura Economica, Mexico City).

A former president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society for Electro Acoustic Music in the US and a former faculty member at the California Institute of the Arts, Dr. Feldman is currently Chair of the Music Department at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California.