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ECE faculty Clint Springer.  photo © Robin SpursClinton Springer has been working as an early childhood educator for 6 years. During his time as a teacher, he has held many roles and responsibilities ranging from an assistant to a master teacher. He has worked at various schools such as lab schools and progressive, nature-based schools, each offering a unique learning experience for him as an educator. Through his work and studies, he has become a staunch believer in the necessity of play in all stages of life, particularly for young children. Clinton’s primary goal as an educator is to provide children with environments where they are given the right to choose their experiences, where teachers honor those decisions, and where children simply have fun. It is with these goals in mind that Clinton believes that a child’s development will flourish. He seeks to bring many of these educational tactics into the adult classroom, where students will learn through fun, hands-on experiences.

Clinton received his BA in Psychology, with a minor in Child and Family Studies at California State University, Long Beach. While working at the CSULB lab preschool as a master teacher, Clinton mentored practicum students, taught in the preschool, and completed his Master’s degree in Education, with an option in Early Childhood Education from California State University, Long Beach.