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Erin Delaney

Erin Delaney After serving as an adjunct faculty member in English at COC for six years, Erin joined the full time faculty in Fall 2015. She both teaches English and is the English faculty member in The Learning Center (TLC). Erin serves on the faculty inquiry group that designed and is now implementing the new four unit English 101 course, which was revised to respond to the requirements of AB-705. She is English 103/112 co-coordinator, former CASL co-coordinator, and the faculty lead for the Trans Alliance. She has taught professional development workshops for CETL, including the reading module in the Skilled Teacher Certificate. Erin is proudest when she sees the students and tutors she works with succeeding and thriving.

Erin lives in Canoga Park with her husband José and dog Buddy. Together, they’re learning to take care of a backyard that’s full of surprises. (Guava tree? Excellent! Persistent, prodigious weeds? Not so great.) While Erin enjoys a few hobbies, she’s best at reading on the patio. Erin loves to travel and hopes to return to the Tuscan farm she visited in 2017, where she interspersed reading on a patio with exploring the Italian countryside and tasting wine, cheese, and gelato.