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Student Support Team (SST)

What is the SST?

The Student Support Team (SST) is a multi-disciplinary group whose purpose is to meet regularly to support students and the campus community via an established protocol. The team tracks referrals and collects data from a variety of sources at a single site so a pattern of distress exhibited by a student, or a student’s behavior, becomes apparent.

What are the goals of SST?

  • Provide a structured, positive method to address a student’s distress which may be limiting their success in the classroom or engagement with campus departments or programs
  • Provide a structured, positive method to address a student’s behavior (if applicable), which may negatively impact either the student or the college community
  • Manage each case individually, while addressing mental and physical health, academic concerns, and/or safety concerns
  • Initiate appropriate and supportive intervention measures
  • Eliminate fragmented interventions

What activity does SST engage in?

  • Supporting student in distress
  • Crisis intervention
  • Behavioral intervention
  • Training for campus constituents
  • Partnerships with, and linkage to, community providers

SST contacts