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ASG Officer Requirements & Descriptions

In order to hold an Officer Position you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in 5 units at COC the time of election/appointment and must maintain that throughout their term.
  • Have at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average at COC or previous institution if they have not attended COC at the time of appointment.
  • Candidates for President, Executive Vice President, and Student Trustee must have completed at least 20 semester units at COC.
  • Candidates for Student Trustee must be a resident of the State of California.


  • ASG Officers must be available every Wednesday from 1:30pm to 4:00pm to attend all required ASG-related meetings.
  • ASG Officers must fulfill 8 office hours per week.

Officer Desciptions:

  • The President shall serve as Chief Executive Officer and official representative of the Associated Student Government. The President shall also be responsible for advocacy and legislative issues at the statewide level. 
  • The Executive Vice President shall assume the duties of the President during the Presidents absence, if vacated, or at the direction of the President. They shall also be responsible for all financial matters of the Associated Student Government. 
  • The Student Trustee shall represent the Association at all Santa Clarita Community College District Board meetings. They shall also be responsible for advocacy and legislative issues at the state level. They shall also be responsible for representing the Association at the Academic Senate. 
  • The Vice President of Activities shall be the non-voting chair of the Activities Board. He/she shall oversee all activities of the Association including those activities that take place at both the Canyon Country Campus and the Valencia Campus. 

  • The Vice President of the Inter Club Council shall chair the Inter Club Council meeting. This position shall update the Student Senate regarding the activities of the Inter Club Council. 

  • The Executive Vice President of Communications will be responsible for publicizing the activities sponsored by the ASG Senate. This position will be responsible for producing a monthly student publication and/or production and updating the ASG’s social media by leading a production team and a social media team. 

  • The Vice President of Advocacy shall host an event related to advocacy and legislature. This position will also actively collaborate with the President and Student Trustee in representing the District at the statewide level.  

  • The Vice President of Equity will be responsible for taking part in improving equity and inclusion at the College through committee attendance, hosting focus groups, and designing workshop initiatives. This position will also be responsible for providing a report every semester addressing how the ASG may pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives most effectively.