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Chartering Forms

The following forms must be submitted annually in order for a club to become chartered.

  1. Club Information Form
    • It is highly suggested that the Club Information Form is completed during an official club meeting after the club officers elected as their name, last 4 digits of their student ID#, and e-mail addresses will be collected. You will also need your club advisor’s information (name, e-mail, and department).

  2. Membership Form
    • Each club will have to provide its club members’ first and last names and the last 4 digits of their student ID#. If you are starting a NEW club, you must have at least seven members on this form. 
    • This form will be attached in a section of the Club Information Form. Please prepare a pdf, doc, or docx file that lists your club’s members. Each club will have to provide its club members’ first and last names and the last 4 digits of their student ID#. If you are starting a NEW club, you must have at least seven members on this form.

  3. Advisor Agreement Form
    • This form must be filled out and submitted by the club advisor. We have wonderful faculty, staff, and administrators that agree to be an advisor for multiple clubs. Advisors are welcome to fill out ONE form for all clubs they advise.

  4. Club Constitution
    • The link provides a guide on how to write your club constitution. Please make sure to include the mandatory elements. A club’s constitution does not have to be rewritten yearly. Submission of the club constitution implies that the club officers and advisor(s) are aware of and agree to the contents of the club’s constitution.


  1. Club/Alliance Activity Promotion Request
    In an effort to spread awareness of the student clubs and alliances, the Campus Life and Student Engagement office sends out a weekly newsletter every Monday at 1pm (Tuesday’s if Monday is a holiday) to all students enrolled at College of the Canyons. Please fill out this form by 1pm every Friday (Thursday if Friday is a holiday) in order to promote your club or alliance activity for the weekly newsletter.
  2. Social Media Spotlight Request
    The Associated Student Government believes that all students should be involved in our student clubs and organizations. Student clubs and alliances are eligible to request for a post to be made on ASG’s Instagram page. Please have an image and caption prepared to submit.   


  1. Fundraising Activity Notification Worksheet
    All fundraising activities must be reported to the COC Foundation. Student clubs will receive an official notification once the fundraising activity has been approved.

  2. Material Reservation Request Form
    Items available to reserve for club use include a whiteboard, popcorn machine,
    snow cone machine, speaker, microphone, and spinning wheel
    All materials are subject to availability for the date of the request.

  3. Food Permit Form
    If a club is hosting an event involving ANY food, it is required that a Food Permit Form is filled out at least 1 week before the event. This form must be filled out by the club advisor. The form can be found on the Intranet under the College Forms tab under Campus Life & Student Engagement titled “Food Permit Form”.

  4. Guest Speaker Form

    Please submit the Club Guest Speaker Request Form at least 2 weeks prior to your club’ event to provide ample time for approvals. This form is for UNPAID speakers only. Once the form has been submitted and reviewed, it will be sent through a series of approvals. Once the final approval is made by the Vice President of Student Services, the club advisor(s) will receive a copy of the approved form.
    Clubs seeking to invite a Paid Guest Speaker must fill out the “Request for Unpaid and Paid Guest Lecturer/Speaker” form managed by Business Services. This form can be found by a Club Advisor through the Intranet.

  5. Excursion Request Form
    Clubs planning any off-campus meeting/event must be approved. This process can take up to 4 weeks as final approval comes for the Board of Trustees. The club advisor can find this form on the Intranet under the College Forms tab under Fiscal Services titled “Excursion Request”. Once the form is filled out, it goes through a series of approvals. Once all the approvals are completed, the advisor will receive a waiver that every attendee will have to sign in order to attend the meeting/event.

  6. ASG Matching Funds Form
    Established clubs and organizations (active for 2+ years) are eligible for up to $250 in matching funds each fiscal year from the Associated Student Government. You need to claim 50 ICC Points when filling out this form. More details regarding eligibility/qualifications and process are detailed on the form.

  7. ICC Meeting Agenda Item Template
    If you would like to have 5 minutes to present during an Inter Club Council meeting, please submit an agenda item to

  8. Money