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List of Campus Clubs

This list of clubs is updated for the 2021-2022 year.  For more information regarding Campus Clubs please email the contact provided below.

Active Minds

Helping organize, attend, and promote student health and wellness events on campus.

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All Can Code

All Can Code will provide participating students an opportunity to learn the basics of computer programming in a team setting. The club's focus will be on creating apps, websites, games, stem/steam workshops, and other projects to share with College of the Canyons and the community. Please kindly fill out this form to sign up.

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Alpha Delta Nu

Alpha Delta Nu is the national honor society of ADN nursing, offering the opportunity for nursing students to take part in leadership activities, including peer tutoring and community outreach.

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Alpha Omega

College students growing in our relationship with God, building friendships, serving the community and making an impact!

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American Cancer Society Club

The College of the Canyons American Cancer Society Club is part of the nationwide community based voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service.

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American Medical Student Association

AMSA COC is a student-governed club that establishes strong relationships between students and medical professionals to provide members with life-changing experiences towards their future in medicine.

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American Red Cross Club

We are a group that provides you and your peers with opportunities to make a difference by alleviating human suffering through addressing the needs of the people of Los Angeles while developing leadership skills. Red Cross Clubs empowers you with knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare your school and community to respond to emergencies.

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American Sign Language Club

The American Sign Language Club is committed to raising awareness and knowledge of ASL and the Deaf Culture on campus and within the larger community.

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Astronomy and Physics Club

The astronomy and physics club promotes science through astronomy and physics.  This is done through mini lectures, demonstration, and hands on activities. The club also prepares students for real life through the payload teams that send payloads into space. Engage in stargazing, have private tours at locations like Space X and JPL, participate on a NASA payload team, interact with guest speakers from NASA, and enjoy an inclusive community of science and engineering students.

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Biology Club

Biology Club is all about Inclusivity and Diversity. We strive to be first; to be different, to be daring, and to distance ourselves from normalcy. Being first means we lay the foundations for others to follow. We redefine what biology means and how we can incorporate all the branches to associate to assist the community and strive to be the best individuals we can be. We strive to include all students whether in STEM or outside of STEM, because when we all work together, our group efforts outweigh the rest. We are not only the next generation of Doctors, but also Zoologists, Botanists, and Ecologists. We are the next generation of researchers, and individuals that will create a larger impact in society and our world. We encourage All Students to join and encourage Students that are interested in Biology and or other branches of STEM as well!

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Canyons RC (Remote Control)

Canyons RC is an engineering/RC enthusiast club here on campus. Our goal is to give students hands on engineering experience designing, assembling, and testing mechanical vehicles.

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Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club strives to encourage interest in chemistry by demonstrating chemical experiments and including lectures from distinguished scientists.

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Civic Engagement Club

The College of the Canyons Civic Engagement Club is dedicated to reaching out to local communities by instilling advocacy, education, and reform. Our goal is to network with others to form mental and moral support by means of leadership and friendship to those in need. We are creating this organization in order to work toward a greater sense of purpose and impact meaningful change in our community as well as ourselves.

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COC Roundnet (Spikeball)

Spikeball is a new sport that's sweeping the nation. It's commonly referred to as a mix between volleyball and four-square. It is played 2 vs 2, with a hula hoop sized Spikeball net placed between the teams. A player starts a point by serving the ball down on the net so it ricochets up at his opponents. They have up to three hits between them (just like Volleyball) to control the ball and bounce it back off the net.

Our club will introduce and teach COC students about this up and coming sport that are becoming very popular in today's culture. Many of the popular universities such as; USC, UCLA, UCSB, Cal Poly SLO, and etc. all have a club team that complete around the nation just like every other popular club sports. Bringing this club to COC will give students the opportunity to be more active and created new friends through a fun sport that everyone enjoys playing.

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College Leap

College Leap is a nonprofit organization based in UC Berkeley that aims to help community college students succeed in their transfer and career journeys by providing various opportunities about leadership development, mentorship, internship, volunteer, as well as information about the university transfer process. The club will hold transfer alumni panels, internship panels, interview/resume building workshops, as well as other events that directly impact student success.

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Communications Studies Club

COMS Club is committed to advancing the understanding of the field of communication studies and empowering its members to positively influence the campus culture.

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Coptic Club

The purpose of our club is to provide a community where we can grow spiritually and learn more about the Orthodox Christian faith. We hold spiritual meetings, Bible studies and engage in community service. We meet twice a month for a talk and discussion with a guest speaker, followed by fellowship. Students of all faith and backgrounds are welcome to join!

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Esports Gaming Club

The purpose of forming an Esports Online Gaming Club at College of the Canyons is to create an opportunity for students who enjoy gaming to partner and enhance their skills, while competing against other teams in the region. The goals of this organization are as follows:

  1. To provide a friendly and safe space for students who enjoy gaming to cultivate friendships, and collegiality; the Esports Online Gaming Club will be inclusive in welcoming members regardless of background and will not condone any form of discrimination or harassment;
  2. To ensure that club members are given the opportunity to share in the governance of the club based on their membership status
  3. To create pathways for working with faculty in the development of curriculum that align with the Esports industry norms which include marketing, information technology, social media, and team building to name a few.

For More Information Email:

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda

FBLA-PBL is open to college students of all majors and disciplines with an interest in leadership and business. No matter where your career takes you, the skills you build and the people you meet are important in shaping your future. FBLA PBL is an excellent place to develop a strong background to become the best of the best in today’s generation of emerging leaders. Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Members have opportunities to:

  • Develop leadership skills- Prepare for their career
  • Connect with business leader- Learn vital communication skills
  • Compete in over 55 events [demonstrating business knowledge, skills, and presentations]
  • Network with members from across the nation
  • Connect with rewarding community service

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Hands on Earth

Hands on Earth club dedicated to providing students an opportunity to engage in activities that preserve Earth's Natural Capital.

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Helping Us Become (Hub) Club

College of the Canyons HUB (Helping Us Become …) Club is dedicated to building connections amongst students, faculty, and the local community in order to create strong, successful student cohorts with meaningful camaraderie to a “community of caring”.  Our specific mission is to promote resilience, intrinsic motivation, and a growth mindset, as well as individual and collective student success through developing academic and professional success skills by working together with faculty, peers, and the local community.

For more information Email:

International Peer Mentor Club

International Peer Mentor Club (IPMC) provides an opportunity for students to interact and provide a platform to offer student perspectives for academic pursuits on campus and life. Our goal is to help students, especially international students, getting used to the wonderful campus life in all kinds of ways. To join us as a club member, in other words, become a peer mentor to help other students, it is required to have taken classes at COC and completed 12 units with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

We welcome ALL students qualifying to join us and ALL students who want to ask for our help as peer mentees!

*Mentees are not required to join or be members of the club.

For More Information Email: or follow @cocipmclub on Instagram

Islamic Cultural Society

We are the Islamic Cultural Society also known as MSA or Muslims Students Association. We are a group that strives to create a safe space for Muslim students on campus while also bringing awareness and knowledge about Islam to those who have not had exposure to it. We will hold group meetings where we will have discussions and engage in verbal debates on various topics, matters, and issues. We strive to make sure that all of our Muslim students are able to practice their faith, and build close bonds within our community, as well as strive to follow in the footsteps and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

For More Information Email:

Math Club

The purpose of the Math Club is to explore mathematical concepts that are usually not discussed in classes and discover how mathematics relates to various aspects of life. Through presentations of our guest speakers, we try to introduce applications of mathematics in different fields. We also facilitate critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which may be emphasized by solving contest problems.

For More Information Email:

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations Club gives students an opportunity to continue their participation in the Model United Nations beyond the course and to work with other students in support of the Model U.N. program.

For More Information Email:


MyGenMyFight COC is the College of the Canyons Chapter of the My Generation My Fight coalition led by Zoe International. The club's mission is to help students, faculty and the community to be aware of Human trafficking and the atrocities caused by human trafficking. Through awareness, education and action students to combat this injustice and bring about change.

For More Information Email:

National Society of Leadership and Success College of the Canyons Chapter

The NSLS Chapter of College of the Canyons is dedicated to building leaders who make a better world. We are an honor society that is nationally recognized and student initiated. The purpose of this organization is to provide students with support in learning and growing as leaders by offering them opportunities to put what they learn or discover on their own into action. We recruit and invite members to start their journey towards induction and full-fledged membership like any other honor society on campus. We are not major specific, but do have mandatory meetings and the potential of great networking opportunities.

For More Information Email:

National Student Nurses' Association

NSNA is dedicated to fostering the professional development of nursing students. With 60,000 members nationwide, NSNA is the voice of the future of the nursing profession. All College of the Canyons nursing students are encouraged to participate!

For More Information Email:

Outdoor Adventures Club

We educate and hold events to encourage student connection with nature, getting their bodies active, and teaching safety and survival skills when in the great outdoors.

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Parallax Photo Club

The photography club at College of the Canyons. Where students can strive for excellence in the field of photography and learn about the photo industry as a whole whilst making meaningful connections with others.

For More Information Email: 

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for two-year college students recognizes and encourages the academic achievement of two-year college students and provides opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship. Our chapter is also an active participant in the Associated Student Government activities and events on campus and the community.

For More Information Email:

Political Science Club

The College of the Canyons Political Science Club is dedicated to providing students a space of inclusive and respectful political discussions. As a non-partisan organization, we welcome students of all ideologies, backgrounds, and groups. In addition to club discussions, we engage in fundraisers, voter registration initiatives, and more! Every semester we host the "Professor Showdown," which involves a panel of College of the Canyon's Political Science Department in a public forum answering audience questions about contemporary political issues.

For More Information Email:

Psi Beta Honor Society

Psi Beta Honor Society is the national honor society in psychology for community and junior colleges. To join Psi Beta you must have completed at least one psychology class and have a 3.0 average GPA in all of your psychology classes, with an overall 3.25 GPA in all of your college classes.

For More information Email:

Psychology Club

Psychology Club meets once a month (during Covid, 2x a month during a traditional semester) to discuss various aspects of Psychology, organizes several fundraising events annually, participates in community outreach/volunteer work regularly, and attends professional conferences annually (WPA or APS).

For More Information Email:

Sociology Club

The College of the Canyons Sociology Club was established to provide students with a forum to explore sociological issues. It emphasizes the process of learning through the investigation and analysis of sociological phenomena. It supports events that further the goals of students of sociology, including but not limited to fundraisers, guest speakers, and attendance at professional meetings. We invite students of all majors who are interested in examining how social forces shape current events and our daily interactions. Every year, club members attend and serve as student volunteers at the California Sociological Association meeting. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are curious about sociology to learn more about it, both as a discipline and a profession.

For More Information Email:


List of Campus Alliances

For more information regarding Campus Alliances please e-mail the contact provided below.  For additional information on Alliances, please visit the Campus Alliances website.

Adult Reentry Alliance

Supporting the success of adult learners.

Information sessions on Zoom (Transfer 101 on  10/20 at 11:00 am & Financial Aid on 11/18 at 3:30 pm).

For more Information Email:

African American/Black Student Alliance

The mission is to provide a safe space for students who identify as African American/Black to build community and a sense of belonging at COC.

Weekly Meetings on Zoom Wednesdays 1:30 -2:30 pm.

For More Information Email:

Autism Social Alliance

The purpose is to build an alliance between students who are on the Autism Spectrum, those who are interested in learning more about the Autism Spectrum, peer counselors and college staff. Alliance members plan and engage in outdoor and indoor activities, socialize, learn and teach the community and staff at COC about the Autism Spectrum in an accepting nonjudgmental environment.  Activities will include fun Interclub Activities, Indoor and Outdoor Games, Sports, Education, Hiking, Support, Holiday Celebrations and Learning. COC Alumni are welcome.

Weekly Meetings on Zoom Wednesdays at 3:30 pm.

For More Information Email:

Gender Sexuality Alliance

The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students and community members to gather. We promote inclusion, acceptance, and equity and provide a platform for socialization as well as activism.

Weekly Meetings on Zoom 3 - 4:30 pm.

For More Information Email: 

LatinX Alliance

Provide a safe space for students who identify as Latinx/Latina/o/Hispanic/Chicanca/o/x/ etc. to build community and a sense of belonging at COC.

Meetings on Zoom  2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 12 -1:00 pm (9/14, 9/28, 10/12, 10/26, 11/9, 11/23, 12/7).

For More Information Email: / /

Native American/Indigenous Alliance

Providing resources and support for the COC Native American/Indigenous population.

Meetings on Zoom Every other Thursday 3 - 4:00 pm.

For More Information Email:

STEM Equity Alliance

Empowering ALL who desire a career in STEM.

Meetings on Zoom 2pm (9/7, 9/21, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30).

For More Information Email:

Trans* Alliance

A space for Trans* & Gender Non-Conforming students to build a community and create change.

Weekly Meetings on Zoom & STCN-105, Wednesdays at 2:30 - 3:30 pm.

For More Information Email:

VALOR - Veteran's Organization Alliance

The Veteran's Alliance Organization (VALOR) is a space for student veterans to socialize, support one another, enjoy a sense of camaraderie, and promote recognition of the contributions of veterans to our community.

For More Information Email:

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