Privileges and Responsibilities of Having a Club on Campus

When a chartered organization has been granted formal recognition by the College, the Associated Student Government, and the Inter Club Council, it is eligible to utilize the following privileges:

  1. Using the name of College of the Canyons as part of the group's name or related to publicizing the group.
  2. Recruiting members on campus.
  3. Holding meetings and events on campus.
  4. Using certain College services and facilities through proper procedures (i.e. buildings, grounds, etc.).
  5. Using certain properties and facilities of the Associated Student Government through proper procedures (these services include publicity supplies, poster making, and financial services, etc.).
  6. Using designated bulletin boards and kiosks for publicizing activities and events on campus.
  7. An organization mailbox outside the Associated Student Government Office.
  8. Eligibility for Associated Student Government funding.

Chartered organizations and their members represent College of the Canyons, the Associated Student Government, and the Inter Club Council. They have a responsibility to conduct themselves in such a manner as to give a favorable impression of College of the Canyons to the community and to fellow students. In exchange for the advantage of having privileges, the following minimum standards are required for all chartered organizations:

  1. Policies must be consistent with those of the Associated Student Government, the Inter Club Council, and with the purpose, policies and regulations of the College, including regulations involving non-discrimination and hazing.
  2. Select and maintain an authorized advisor from the COC faculty or staff when using Associated Student Government funds and campus facilities.
  3. Schedule all social functions and meetings according to the approved procedure for scheduling events.
  4. Maintain an active on-campus program and fulfill the purposes stated in the organization's constitution.
  5. Assume all responsibility for clean-up after on-campus events.
  6. Submit to Campus Life & Student Engagement and the Associated Student Government an accurate membership roster and list of officers and advisors at the beginning of each fall semester, and at other times when necessary.
  7. File two copies of the most recent revision of the organization's constitution and/or bylaws in Campus Life & Student Engagement office.
  8. Maintain accurate financial records and abide by all Associated Student Government and the Inter Club Council rules and regulations.
  9. All officers and a majority of the members must be registered COC students.

Failure to fulfill any of the above listed responsibilities may be cause for revocation of the club's or organization's charter by the ICC, ASG, or Campus Life & Student Engagement.