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Rideshare Incentive Program

Rideshare and Earn Rewards! College of the Canyons Rideshare Incentive Program was developed in cooperation with the mandates of the Federal Clean Air Act and is under the oversight of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD). Our goal is to encourage COC employees to reduce or eliminate their solo commute trips by carpooling, taking public transportation, cycling, or walking to work.


  • All COC employees, including college assistants
  • Must be employed by COC throughout the current semester
  • Must commute to work during standard work week: Monday Friday
  • Must carpool, walk, bike, or take public transportation a minimum of 8 days per month
  • Carpools must consist of 2 or more riders that travel at least 70% of the commute together
  • Must provide proof of purchase for bus and train tickets/passes


Complete the application located under the FORMS tab, and turn the original form in to Campus Safety (X-8).

Contact Information 
(661) 362-3229 
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm 
Closed Daily 12:00pm - 1:00pm


  • Receive excellent incentives
  • Quarterly luncheons
  • Gift card prizes awarded quarterly
  • Free oil change awarded annually
  • $50 Welcome gift card
  • Quarterly drawings
  • Dedicated carpool parking stalls
  • Guaranteed ride home
  • Additional gifts through LA Metro during Rideshare Week
  • It's Good for the Environment!


Gift Card Incentive Prizes Awarded at the quarterly luncheons. Points submitted on the monthly claim form are tallied at the end of each quarter. Gift cards are awarded according to points earned during the quarter. Participants earn 1 point per day for carpooling, and 3 points per day for cycling, walking, and taking public transportation (bus or train).06 points =$ 5 Barnes & Noble 12 points = $10 Subway 18 points = $15 ShellGasoline 24 points = $20 Home Depot 30 points = $25 Target 55 points = $40 Walmart 75 points = $50 Vons ***Prizes are subject to change without notice $50 Welcome Gift Card This one-time incentive is awarded to new participants after the first month of participation. Free Oil Change $35 Chevron gift cards are awarded annually to all active participants. The gift card can be used for any service or gas offered at Chevron stations


Monthly Claim Form

Complete the monthly claim form located in the Campus Safety Office, and turn the original in to Campus Safety (X-8) by the 10th of the following month.

Example: Claim form for October is due by November 10th

Quarterly Luncheons There are four luncheons per year, held during the month following the close of the quarter: April (January 1 - March 31) July (April 1 June 30) October (July 1 September 30) January (October 1 - December 31)