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Third Party Sponsorship


College of the Canyons works closely with several agencies, organizations and businesses that have offered to sponsor or pay for a student’s education.  These organizations enter into an agreement with the College to pay for all or a portion of a student’s tuition. When a sponsorship account is established, the sponsor determines the classes and or fees that they agree to pay. The covered amount is noted on the students account and the sponsor is billed directly.


Types of Sponsors


  1. Veterans Administration – Chapter 31 and Chapter 33
  2. Federal Government Programs
  3. State and Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation
  4. State and School Programs
  5. Businesses, Corporations and Organizations
  6. Prepaid Tax Plans (Require school billing for payment)
  7. International Government Programs


A family member, friend, prepaid tax plan (custodian controls the payments), etc. covering tuition and fees are not sponsors and will not be set up on a sponsorship.


Sponsorship Requirements

Prior to establishing a sponsorship, a financial guarantee is required. This guarantee can be on company letterhead, program letterhead or by completing a sponsorship application. The following information must be included:


  1. Full name of the student or students covered.
  2. COC Student ID or last four (4) of the Social Security Number for identification
  3. The term, year or dates that the sponsorship is valid
  4. Amount or description of what is covered. This may include a specific dollar amount, a maximum dollar amount, specific courses, a list of tuition and fees covered, etc. Possible fees and tuition include: Enrollment Fees, Out of State Tuition, Health Fee, Student Representative Fee, Student Activity Fee (optional), Parking (optional) and material fees.
  5. A complete billing address, contact name and number and email for invoicing. Include any requirements for processing invoices, such as PO numbers, ID Numbers, 95 Numbers, etc.
  6. A signature from the authorizing agent or contact


Once all paperwork has been received, a sponsor account will be created. All covered charges will be noted on the student account and moved to the sponsor account.


Billing and Invoices

Sponsorships will be processed following the semester length refund deadline date. All invoices will be forwarded to the contact/address listed on the guarantee.

All payments are due within thirty (30) days of the issued invoice.

All payments are made via check.

Payments should be made payable to College of the Canyons and mailed to the address listed on the invoice. Please attach a copy of the invoice and reference the invoice number on the check.

If a payment is not made within ninety (90) days of the due date, the charges will be placed back on the student account. At that time the student will be responsible for payment in full. If not paid in full, this may prevent the student from registration.



All refunds due for payments made by a sponsor will be returned directly to the sponsor. The only exception to this policy will be for students that are sponsored by Veterans Affairs under the GI Bill® Chapter 33.


How to Become a Sponsored Student

The following steps are required to become a sponsored student:


Work with your sponsor to obtain a financial guarantee. The guarantee can be on letterhead, a COC Sponsor Application or an official program form. All letters must be complete and include all requirements listed above.

  • Canyons Promise/First Year Promise – Your guarantee was processed with your program acceptance, skip to STEP 4.
  • Chapter 31 – Submit FORM VP-20 for your financial guarantee.
  • Chapter 33 – Submit FORM VP-20 for your financial guarantee.
  • Department of Rehabilitation – Your sponsorship will be processed following meeting with you AAC counselor and receiving an Approved Course List. Once everything has been approved, DOR will submit your DR297F Direct Service Authorization to the school. Skip to step 4.
  • RISE – Your guarantee is processed through the program, skip to step 4.



Sign a Sponsorship Agreement with the College. Agreements are available online.



Contact your Student Business Office Sponsorship Representative to review / submit all required paperwork. Paperwork must be submitted a minimum of one (1) week prior to registration to assure that classes are not dropped for non-payments. You will not need to pay for classes upfront if your paperwork was submitted on time.



View the status of your sponsorship.

  • Once your sponsorship paperwork has been accepted your account will show a DREG Hold. This is a protective hold that will prevent you from being dropped.
  • Once your sponsorship has been billed, your Billing / Registration Statement will show a sponsor payment in the covered amount. This sponsor payment is the amount the sponsor is billed and not an actual sponsor payment received.



Pay attention to deadline dates, including the refund deadline dates that are displayed on your Billing/Registration Statement. If you plan on dropping class(es), the class must be dropped prior to the established refund deadline date, in order to be eligible for a refund or to have the fees removed. If a class is dropped after the refund deadline date you may be responsible for paying the balance of the late dropped classes. If your sponsor requires a minimum of units enrolled and you drop below those units, you may be required to pay your entire balance. Check with your sponsor to see what classes will be covered.



Pay any balance due. You will be responsible for any balance not covered by your sponsor or any balance that your sponsor does not pay.  If the sponsor bill becomes past due and is more than ninety (90) days, the sponsor payment on your account will be reversed and you will need to pay the balance due.

  • You will be notified of any balance due via your email.
  • You may view your Billing / Registration Statement at any time for a current balance due.



College of the Canyons will work directly with your sponsor and may be required to notify the sponsor of registered courses, enrollment status, total units enrolled and balances due. If your sponsor requires transcripts or grades, you will be responsible for submitting those forms to your sponsor.


Contact Information:

College of the Canyons

Student Business Office

26455 Rockwell Canyon Road

Santa Clarita, CA  91351


General email:

Fax: 661-362-5031



Kathy Benz


Angelica Gonzalez



  • Businesses, Corporations and Organizations
  • Chapter 33 (A-L)
  • First Year Promise / Canyons Promise
  • International Government Programs
  • Prepaid tax plan billing
  • State and School Programs


Available Forms:

Sponsorship Application Form

Student Sponsorship Agreement Form