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Students currently enrolled at COC may schedule a Counseling appointment up to two weeks in advance.  Note that you must have a COC student ID number to schedule a Counseling appointment. 

Due to high volume, appointment availability is reduced during registration periods. If you are unable to schedule an appointment, please visit us during our drop-in times. Times are listed in the VRC Hub on Canvas or please call our office for the drop-in times. 

Our COC VA counselors offer every service our General Counseling office provides; however, we specialize in VA policy. You do not have to be using your benefits to see us.

Do you Need a Counseling Appointment? 

Many times, the things you need to complete do not require a counseling appointment and an email or drop-in counseling will suffice. Below you will see what we can do over drop-in or email and what will require a counseling appointment. If you choose email, please email Jesse Vera or Carmen Viveros.

Drop-in or Email Okay Needs Counseling Appointment
Swap out a class that is part of your approved major or general education requirements  You need a Comprehensive Education Plan 
Petition for Graduation  Changing your major to a new major 
Needing to get cleared for a class you previously completed at another school Adding an additional major or a class that is not part of your major
You need the VR&E Academic Worksheet filled out for CH 31  If you are dismissed and need a contact 

If your issue is not listed, send us an email and we will let you know what you need to do. Many times we can answer your questions faster if you email us or visit us during drop-in. 

Remember anything pertaining to payments or certification please email the VRC at