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Bachelor of Science in Building Performance (BSBP)

Welcome to the College of the Canyons Bachelor of Science in Building Performance (BSBP) Program!

Our mission is to educate the next generation of A/E/C industry (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) technicians who are intimately fluent in decarbonized building design and construction practices through iterative, data informed methodologies. Competencies include Sustainable Building Certification System processes (such as LEED + WELL), awareness of the unique management considerations for high performance building projects, and in-depth understanding of the California Green Building & Energy Codes.

BSBP Program graduates are prepared to work alongside other A/E/C industry professionals with immediate employment opportunities as highly capable and productive architectural interns, Building Energy Modeler/BIM/CAD technicians, and Sustainable Building Certification System consultants for a broad range of employers throughout Southern California.

A distinguishing objective of the BSBP degree program is our strong focus on industry-ready applied high performance building, development, documentation, and project management skills.

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Aerial shot of a modern sustainable neighbourhood in Almere, The Netherlands.


The vocational emphasis of the 4-year pre-professional BSBP degree contrasts and differentiates it from 5-year NAAB accredited professional Architecture degree programs (B.Arch) which have broader educational objectives including the preparation of students for architectural licensure and professional practice leadership positions.

Although not a focus of the program, BSBP graduates can apply their 4-year Bachelor of Science in Building Performance degree towards satisfying the educational requirement for state licensure administered through the California Architects Board.

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Why a Bachelor of Science in Building Performance degree?

The wide range of crises being experienced due to the effects of climate change are well understood scientifically; yet the impacts of these crises on the built environment still remain largely unaddressed for communities in which we reside. Creating high performance buildings is important because more thoughtful planning, design, and construction of the built environment can help meet the objectives and performance targets necessary for achieving resiliency and developing sustainable architecture. Building Performance focuses on improving the measurable ways a building can be resource efficient (energy, water, waste) in addition to improving environmental quality for building occupants.

A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree differs from a 4-year undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree by providing highly specialized, technical coursework which blends applied science and workforce preparation learning objectives together. The Bachelor of Science (BS) form of baccalaureate degrees is well suited to studying and developing career skills for use in the multifaceted field of high-performance building design and construction.






Building Performance technicians are in high demand.

The need for a baccalaureate level degree in Building Performance is evidenced by an in-depth analyses of labor market gaps and research of current job opportunities available in the field. Additionally, career opportunities in high-performance building design and construction are projected to grow in both the near and long-term as a result of ever-increasing environmental regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. College of the Canyons’ Architecture and Interior Design program, with its established expertise in sustainable design and development education focused on technical workforce preparation, provides an ideal educational community through the Bachelor of Science in Building Performance (BSBP) program for students seeking an opportunity to develop skills necessary for meaningful, well-paying employment. Program graduates are uniquely qualified for careers in the A/E/C industry well beyond traditional employment for the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. Additionally, candidates pursuing employment in the A/E/C industry who have attained a Bachelor’s degree enjoy tremendous opportunity and higher wages when compared to candidates with just an Associate’s degree. The average wage for Building Performance professionals in Los Angeles County is currently over $39 per hour (with annual starting salaries of almost $40k) and 69% of graduates attain a living wage within a year of completing their degree (Source: Labor Market Information Report-SCCLA May 2022). The salary range for experienced building performance professionals is considerably higher, especially in positions which require more advanced technical skills.
For more info on careers in A/E/C fields related to building performance, see the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website here.

What will I learn and what courses do I need to complete?

The Building Performance major helps students develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the challenges being confronted by the field of sustainable design and construction to provide resilient built environments in response to the effects of global warming and climate change. Students who complete the BSBP program will:

  1. Examine the effects of environmental factors and resource consumption on the performance of building projects using a variety of analytical and simulation methodologies. 
  2.  Evaluate the suitability of resilient/sustainable building strategies relative to code compliance documentation and regulatory approvals for projects. 
  3. Analyze the use and effectiveness of passive and active environmental control systems and resource conservation strategies for building projects. 
  4. Utilize advanced Building Energy Modeling (BEM) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) techniques to facilitate Integrative Process methodologies for residential and nonresidential building projects to achieve code compliance, improved building performance, and sustainable rating system certification. 
  5. Apply vocational skills and competencies during required Project Based Learning internship to demonstrate technician employment readiness for the A/E/C industry. 


Upon completion of the program, BSBP graduates will be equipped with the analytical, problem solving, and graphic communication skills required for immediate employment in the A/E/C profession. Information on specific courses required for the degree can be found in the BSBP Student Handbook.

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Application, Dates, Cost

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  • Application Opens
    July 1, 2024
  • Application Deadline
    September 30, 2024
  • If Accepted, You Will Start
    January 6, 2025
  • Estimated Graduation
    June 2026
  • Application Fee  None

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  • Estimated Cost
    For the entire 4-years of coursework required to earn the BSBP degree, not accounting for Financial Aid assistance and grants: $12,000.

    For students who have already completed an Associate’s degree related to Architecture, the remaining coursework required to earn the BSBP degree, not accounting for Financial Aid assistance and grants: $7,000. 

 - This estimation is calculated for domestic students who are California   residents.  Please read about the cost breakdown on the FAQ page.


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