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PHP - Syllabus

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Course Name: Computer Science 192 PHP Programming

Course Description: The course will use a "learn by doing" approach. Sixteen (16) lessons will be posted containing both a lecture and lab assignment. The lecture will explain a specific topic, and then the lab assignment will ask students to implement the PHP topic on their assigned web pages. Once the lecture and lab are completed students takes a short, computer graded quiz. By taking the quiz, the student is recorded as completing the lesson and they are allowed to move on to the next lesson.

Each lesson will also contain a message board where students should ASK and ANSWER questions. The instructor will be active on the message boards.

At the start of the course, each student will also use one of the many free hosting sites to publish a simple web page. As the class progresses, students will add PHP to the outside web page with each lesson. By the end of the course, when all lessons are completed, each student will have their own PHP packed web page, proudly published on the World Wide Web.

Each student's success will depend on class participation. Participation is defined by students signing on at least twice a week and staying within two lessons of the rest of the class. Students who sign on once a month and try to complete eight lessons at one time will be penalized. Posting questions and/or answers to the message boards will be a positive for each student's participation grade.

When and Where: Online at


Message: The best way to contact the instructor is the class message board or email.


Title: Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours
Edition: 3rd
Author: Matt Zandstra
Publisher: Sams Publishing, Copyright 2004
ISBN: 0-672-32619-1
Message: The textbook is required for this course


Grading will be based on the following breakdown:

Online Lessons (pace) 40% 40 points
Web Pages 30% 30 points
Final 30% 30 points

Students are required to come to campus TLC to take the final, out of area students may arrange a proctor.

Needed Point Totals: A - 87 points, B - 75 points, C - 60 points, D - 50 points
Exams will be held on campus, or the student must arrange for a proctor. Makeup exams will not be allowed.


Computer Science 192 PHP Programming

In addition to the rules set forth by the Santa Clarita Community College District, students enrolled in this course must agree to the instructors rules and guidelines for an online class:

Each students must complete his or her own assignments, projects and exams. Any student that has another person complete his or her lessons, projects or exams is cheating. Students may be asked for identification prior to taking exams.

Students are 100% responsible for backing up their own work. The instructor or the college district does not guarantee any data or web page stored on the class web site. Suggestions on how to complete backups are in Lab, but even those instructions carry no guarantee. Students should save their own work and may be required to present it in the event of a system failure.

Each student is required to complete his or her work even if the class web site is unavailable. Each student is provided a syllabus clearly stating the topics and reading assignments for each lesson. Students are required to print the syllabus at the start of the term. If the site is unavailable students can and must still work on reading assignments, their outside web page and the back up web pages mentioned above.

Tampering with or interfering with this class web site or other students files is a crime. Students that intentionally delete, modify, or access other student files or the files used to run this web site will be reported to Santa Clarita Community College District and the appropriate legal authorities.

If an extended system failure occurs please check your email for a message from the instructor. Or contact the instructor using the following information:


Message: The best way to contact the instructor is the class message board or email.

The instructor is not required to work on weekends or required to answer email immediately. Students should keep working on reading assignments, their outside web page and the back up web pages if they encounter a problem.

Students must complete work assignments each week. About every 14 days the instructor will review your progress and assign 0 to 10 points (there are 4 reviews, 40 points total). Students that do not finish their lessons before each review will lose points. You should complete 2 lesson(s) each week. It is unacceptable to wait until the end of the term to finish assignments, and this will result in a loss of points. The system is not guaranteed to be available 100% of the time, if you wait to the last minute to complete lessons, do so at your own risk.

Thank You

Student Learning Outcomes:

1. Analyze the construction of a web page and relate how PHP and HTML combine to produce the web page. 2. Compare and contrast PHP variable types, and relate the advantages and disadvantages of PHP variables with local or global scope. 3. Formulate, design and create PHP control structures, including selection and iterative structures


Lesson Titles:

Lesson 1 - Intro to PHP
Reading Assignment - Chapter 1, 2 and 3

Lesson 2 - Variables and Assignments
Reading Assignment - Chapter 4

Lesson 3 - Control Statements
Reading Assignment - Chapter 5

Lesson 4 - Writing Functions
Reading Assignment - Chapter 6

Lesson 5 - PHP Arrays
Reading Assignment - Chapter 7

Lesson 6 - PHP Strings
Reading Assignment - Chapter 8

Lesson 7 - Object Oriented Programming
Reading Assignment - Chapter 9

Lesson 8 - Object Oriented Programming Inheritance
Reading Assignment - Chapter 9

Lesson 9 - CGI Programming and Forms
Reading Assignment - Chapter 10

Lesson 10 - Files and More CGI Programming
Reading Assignment - Chapter 11

Lesson 11 - Database Programming
Reading Assignment - Chapters 12

Lesson 12 - SQL and MySQL
Reading Assignment - Chapter 13

Lesson 13 - Images and Graphics
Reading Assignment - Chapter 15

Lesson 14 - Advanced Object Oriented Programming
Reading Assignment - Chapter 17

Lesson 15 - Cookies and Session Functions
Reading Assignment - Chapters 19 and 20

Lesson 16 - PHP and XML
Reading Assignment - Chapter 22

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