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The Collective FAQs

What is a Collective? 

A collective is a group of individuals who work together or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest without relying on internal hierarchies. Collectives can be large or small. They might exist temporarily or over long periods, and membership in them is voluntary.  Collectives are not necessarily focused upon economic benefit or saving, but can be that as well. 


Why the need for a Collective? 

The Collective for Police Sciences and Leadership will provide a space to gather ideas and address developing concerns related to the field of law enforcement.   

The Collective will serve as collecting ground for ideas and to stimulate discussion related to the developing issues, trends, and best practices in criminal justice and public safety. 

The Collective will offer the opportunity to explore various components of the criminal justice system. 

The Collective will promote innovate programs and training within the field. 

The Collective will rely on the combination of academic excellence and the experience of subject matter experts to provide community outreach, insight, and education on critical issues impacting society and criminal justice. 


Where will the Collective be housed? 

The Collective will be housed under the umbrella of the College of the Canyons, Administration of Justice Department. 

Contributions will be published to, but not limited to, the Department webpage. 


Who will contribute to the Collective? 

All work will be peer reviewed.  Contributors will consist of faculty, staff, advisory board members, alumni, students, and friends of the COC Admin of Justice Program.  Contributions will be strictly voluntary and motivated by the professional and intellectual advancement of the discipline, public safety, and general awareness. 


How much funding will be required? 

None.  No funding will be required.   


College Resources. 

No additional resources required beyond existing webpage. 


What will the presentation format consist of? 

There are no limitations to presentation format. While the majority will likely consist of writings, they may also include, but not limited to, book reviews, TED-Talk like video presentations, keynote speakers, or moderated panel discussions.