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International Film Festival (IFF)

Spring 2023

March 10-May 19

Minding the Gap: Women in International Cinema 

The International Film Festival (IFF) kicks off its spring series with a provocative slate of films that will celebrate the imagination and contributions made by women in world cinema both in front of and behind the camera. From femme fatales to renegade directors, this spring’s IFF vision of women across the global cinema landscape. All films will be screened in the Hasley Hall theater room 101 at 6:00 PM, with discussions to follow. FLEX credit is available.


March April May

3/10 | In French 

Three Colors: Blue  France, 1993

Brent Riffel

4/14 | In Italian 

Me, Myself & Her  Italy, 2015

Andrea Davis

5/5 | In French 

Chocolat          France, 1988

Magdali Pourabedi

3/24 | In German 

Corsage          Germany, 2022

Heidi Esslinger

4/28 | In Porguese 

Aquarius              Brazil, 2016

João Junqueira

5/19 | In Spanish

Camila          Argentina, 1984

Claudia Acosta


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FALL 2022

Sept 30-Nov 18

Alone Together

The International Film Festival returns this fall with a series of films centered on the theme of humanity’s search for meaning and belonging, and our collective struggle with loneliness, alienation, and the power of reconnection in turbulent times. The experience of loneliness can take us on a journey to powerlessness and disconnection. Through reconnecting to our deepest selves, to each other and to the community, we are able to change ourselves, and begin the transformation the world so desperately needs. Whether emerging from the collective experience of a pandemic, or the disorientation of social media, loneliness may seem like an idea without dramatic tension. But it’s a foundational part of the human experience, and one that filmmakers around the world have wrestled with for over a century.  All films will be screened at 6p.m. in the Hasley Hall theater room 101, with discussions to follow. 


September October November

9/30 | Brazilian Film Central Station            João Junqueira

10/7 | Italian Film        8 1/2                              Andrea Davis

11/4 | German Film  Wings of Desire  Brent Riffel


10/21 | German Film And Tomorrow the Entire World          Heidi Esslinger

11/18 | Spanish Film Talk to Her        Claudia Acosta


Don't miss the IFF Coloquium.

Alone Together Event Poster