2020-2021 Math Course Coordinators


SLAM (Statistics, Liberal Arts Math)

Dustin Silva 
(Math 75:  Intermediate Algebra for Statistics and Math 90: Support for Statistics)

Ambika Silva
(Math 140:   Introductory Statistics)

Sab Matsumoto 
(Math 100:  Liberal Arts Math)
While Sab Matsumoto is on sabattical for SP2021, Collette Gibson will coordinate Math 100.

B-STEM (Business, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) 
Non-Transferrable Courses

Angela Grigoryan 
(Math 70:  Intermediate Algebra)

(Math 83: Geometry)

B-STEM - 100 Level Courses

Mike Hubbard
(Math 102/92:  Trigonometry and its support course)

Brandon Hilst 
(Math 103/93 and 104:  
College Algebra and its support course, and Precalculus)

B-STEM - 200 Level Courses

Mike Sherry
(Math 211: Calculus I)

Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic
(Math 212:  Calculus II)

Jeremy Goodman
(Math 213:  Calculus III)

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