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2023-2024 Math Dept. Coordinators

Please use the Math Faculty List to contact coordinators.  


Math 100, Liberal Arts Math:  Sab Matsumoto

Math 102/102X, Trigonometry/Trigonometry with Support:  Mike Hubbard

Math 103/103X, College Algebra/College Algebra with Support:  Brandon Hilst

Math 104, Precalculus:  Brandon Hilst

Math 140/140X, Introductory Statistics/Statistics with Support:  Ambika Silva

Math 211, Calculus I:  Violeta Kovacev-Nikolic

Math 212, Calculus II:  Ruzanna Baytaryan

Math 213, Calculus III:  Mike Hubbard

AB1705:  Ambika Silva