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Beginning Fall 2019 we began offering placement into transfer-level math courses.  Math 100 was created, and support courses were created for statistics, trigonometry, and college algebra.  Support courses have a course number that is followed by an X for extra support.  

Please see our noncredit math class information as well.  Content for Math 058, 060, and 070 was converted into 19 short classes through our noncredit program.


This three-minute placement video introduces our new placement policy once AB 705 (Assembly Bill 705) was implemented Fall 2019.  For additional placement information, please visit the following webpages:


STEM Pathway: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) 
Math 102 (or 102X), Math 104, Math 211, Math 212, Math 213, Math 214, Math 215
Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations  

Business Pathway: 
Math 103 (or 103X), Math 240

College Algebra, Calculus for Business and Social Science
Business majors are likely going to need to complete statistics.  Please check with a COC counselor.

Statistics Pathway: 
Math 140 (or 140X or 140H)
Introductory Statistics

Other Pathways: 
Math 100 or Math 130
Liberal Arts Mathematics or Math for Elementary School Teachers

Noncredit Math Classes (free)

Beginning Fall 2022 we stopped offering below transfer level math classes.  Topics from Math 058 (Algebra Preparation) through Math 070 (Intermediate Algebra) classes are now offered through our noncredit program in modules that take approximately 10 hours each to complete.  (some less, some more)

You may complete these noncredit classes during the Winter or Summer to help prepare you for a Fall or Spring math class, or you may complete these concurrently with your math classes in Fall or Spring. 

You may complete these in any order.   You pick what you need.  

NC.MATH-001:  Whole Numbers
NC.MATH-002: Fractions and Mixed Numbers
NC.MATH-003: Decimal Numbers 
NC.MATH-004:   Percentages
NC.MATH-005: Rates and Proportions
NC.MATH-006: Signed Numbers 
NC.MATH-007: Algebraic Expressions
NC.MATH-008: Graphs and Lines 
NC.MATH-009:  Linear Systems
NC.MATH-010:  Exponents and Polynomial Operation
NC.MATH-011:  Factoring Polynomials
NC.MATH-012:  Rational Expressions and Equations
NC.MATH-013:  Relations, Functions, and Graphs
NC.MATH-014:  Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities
NC.MATH-015:  Radicals and Rational Exponents
NC.MATH-016:  Quadratic Equations/Functions
NC.MATH-017:  Exponential/Logarithmic Functions
NC.MATH-018:  Conic Sections
NC.MATH-019:  Sequences and Series


For Math 100 or 130:  NC.MATH-001 to 006

For Math 140:  NC.MATH-003 to 005, and 008
For Math 140X:  NC.MATH-002 to 006, and 008

For Math 102:  NC.MATH-002, 007, 008, 013, and 016
For Math 102X:  NC.MATH-001 to 019 

For Math 103:  NC.MATH-007 to 019
For Math 103X:  NC.MATH-001 to 019 

For Math 104:  NC.MATH-007 to 019

For Math 200 level courses: depends on the student; could be any one of NC.MATH-007 to 019

Noncredit Math Classes (click on the link to see the current schedule)

School of Personal and Professional Learning (see "Apply and Register Now" button)


These sequences are a sample schedule for two years at COC as a mathematics major. 

 For more information about the Mathematics Department, please contact the Math Department Chair