Math Faculty

We have approximately 20 full-time faculty and 60 part-time faculty.  For email addresses, phone numbers, and office locations, please visit our Math Faculty List

Placement, Courses, and Degrees

Here is a 3-minute video that explains our placement policy that is compliant with Assembly Bill 705 (AB705).

Please see the links to the right for more information about placement, courses, and degrees.  The Sequence of Classes for the AS and AS-T degrees is a just a sample schedule for two years at COC as a mathematics major.  

New Courses for Fall 2019

Our department is offering a new course titled Liberal Arts Math (Math 100).  We are also offering support classes (Math 90, 92, and 93) to go along with Statistics (Math 140), Trignometry (Math 102), and College Algebra (Math 103) as we offer placement into transfer level math courses due to AB705.  See the link to the right about the new placement options.  More information about AB705 is available through the Math Consortium page.

Math Consortium

Information about the Math Consortium is available through one of our faculty member's webpage. 

 For more information about the Mathematics Department, please contact the Math Department Chair