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Phlebotomy - MLT 050

Effective Fall 2024, this course will only be offered as part of the MLT Program. Other available training programs within the region are listed on the California Department of Public Health website.

California Requirements for CPT- one of the following: High school completion transcript, Graduation equivalency exam transcript, e.g., GED/Hi-Set Exam, Three college level biology courses, or Non-US transcript analysis confirming US high school equivalency.

Please be advised that The California Department of Public Health/ Laboratory Field Services (CDPH/LFS) CPT-1 (Certified Phlebotomy Technician-1) application asks questions regarding past felony convictions, as part of the application for certification/ phlebotomy license.

Students will be provided information on clinical training requirements as part of the MLT Student Orientation or Phlebotomy Information Packet.

Course policies on attendance, grading, and evaluations will be available in the course syllabus as provided in class.  Attendance is mandatory (100% attendance requirement) in all MLT 050 Phlebotomy classes, requiring students to sign-in and sign-out of the class to maintain compliance with the CDPH/LFS required hours.  All classes are in-person, on-campus.

Preparing an arm for Phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy Registration Procedures

  • Complete College of the Canyons Application process
  • Obtain Pre-Admittance Packet – see form below from the Health Professions Office
  • Review Pre-Admittance Packet
  • Register for class through regular college registration process
  • Once you are registered for the Phlebotomy course you complete the entire Pre-Admittance Packet and turn in by the established date.

PHLEBOTOMY ( MLT-050) FALL 2024 - see below

7 digits, must be a valid COC student ID number
must be a valid COC student email note: all student emails end in


In order to register, a packet must be requested from the Health Professions office.