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Course Descriptions


Paralegal 101 - Introduction to Law
3.0 units

Provides an overview of the legal system and practices of the legal profession, including paralegals, in the United States while introducing legal concepts, terms, and theories.

Paralegal 104 - Contract Law
3.0 units

Examines contract law, including formation of contracts, statute of frauds, third-party rights and remedies, liability for breach of contract, and the Uniform Commercial Code.

Paralegal 105 - Tort Law
3.0 units

Introduces tort law including the study of negligence, strict liability, and intentional torts.

Paralegal 106 - Legal Analysis & Writing
3.0 units

Examines the processes of analysis and writing found within the legal profession, including preparation of legal memoranda.

Paralegal 107 - Legal Ethics
1.0 unit

Examines legal ethics and rules of professional responsibility, including unauthorized practices of law, confidentiality, conflicts of interest, and advice and solicitation, as they affect legal professionals.

Paralegal 108 - Legal Research and Computerized Legal Research
3.0 units

Covers legal research tools (hard copy and computer databases) and strategies, including primary authority (cases, statutes, regulations, and constitution) and secondary authority.

Paralegal 109 - Legal Technology
3.0 units

Presents the specific software applications and document preparation processes used in the legal profession. Familiarity with computer keyboarding and the Windows operating system is assumed.

Paralegal instructor working with students.
Paralegal students discussing, working, and studying.

Paralegal 111 - Civil Litigation I

3.0 units

Examines the basic functions and procedures found within a civil law office, including pre-suit considerations, jurisdiction, initial pleadings, challenges to and amending the pleadings, calendaring deadlines for pleadings and challenges to pleadings, and review of legal ethics.

Paralegal 112 - Civil Litigation II
3.0 units

Continues the examination of the basic functions and procedures found within a civil law office, including discovery tools, calendaring discovery and trial deadlines, preparation for motion for summary judgment, trial and appeal, and the review of legal ethics.

Paralegal 140 - Bankruptcy
3.0 units

Overview of the basic functions, procedures, and ethics involved when examining various forms of bankruptcy law. Introduces the techniques of intake, preparation, and filing of the necessary forms to resolve bankruptcy cases.

Paralegal 150 - Family Law
3.0 units

Introduces students to the fundamentals of family law.

Paralegal 180 - Estate Planning
3.0 units

Focuses on the preparation of wills, trusts, life insurance, annuities, tax issues and administration after death.

Paralegal 200 - Paralegal Seminar
1.0 unit

Provides the capstone course for the Paralegal Program. Students will review rules of ethics, write resumes, create portfolios, practice interviewing techniques, and develop skills necessary for employment as a paralegal, while participating in a seminar setting.

General Education Requirements Unique to Paralegal Studies:

Paralegal Studies Associates of Arts | 2018-19 - PDF


 The ABA stresses that paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public except as permitted by law.