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General Assembly

INTERPOL: Policing Online Spaces


Background Guide


The International Criminal Police Organization, made up of 195 member countries, works with police all over the world to ensure the safety of global citizens. Its global policing goals, designed to reflect the organization’s priorities against criminal and terrorist threats, dictate its three programmes for crime prevention: Counter-terrorism, Organized and Emerging Crime, and Cybercrime. 

The committee will focus on two key topics pertaining to the cybercrime programme:

  1. The Globalization of Online Extremism
  2. Disrupting the Digitalization of Online Crime

For the first topic, delegates will address the rising tide of online activity tied to online extremism. For the past few years, dividing ideology has, which oftentimes can lead to stochastic terrorism. Delegates must deliberate and define the best possible approach to counter this issue in a sensitive manner. For the second topic, delegates will dive into the depths of organized crime taking place online. With the advent of the internet, organized crime operations have used the vast opportunities for anonymity to perpetuate their operations and leave little to no paper trails. Keeping in mind the volatility of innovation brought forth by worldwide networks, delegates must find the most effective way to disrupt these vast operations.


Specialized Committee

United Nations Security Council: Russia v. Ukraine


Background Guide


After months of building up troops on the Russian and Belarusian borders to Ukraine coupled with intense Russian military exercises, what started out as a missile bombardment of major cities has evolved into an all out war, the first war in Europe since World War 2. With the potential of another World War breaking out as Western Powers impose crippling economic sanctions on Russia, and the loss of civilian life  caused by the vicious and indiscriminate Russian offensive begins to rise, It is up to this Security Council to respond and tackle the unprecedented humanitarian crisis that has become the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


Crisis Committee

A Star Wars Crisis: The Clone Wars


Background Guide


Taking place at the height of the Clone Wars, this committee will pit the Galactic Republic and the Separatist Alliance against each other to determine the ultimate outcome of the galaxy. As the Galactic Civil War continues to rage on, the Council of Neutral Star Systems will be tested by both the Republic as well as the Separatists. As the war reaches its boiling point and conflict knocks on the door of Mandalore, a baron planet populated by cities encased in biodomes, Duchess Satine the ruler of Mandalore plays a critical role in the fate of a galaxy far, far away.