AS Degree & Certificate of Achievement


The Real Estate program involves the study of California real estate principles, practices, procedures, and law. It offers courses mandated by the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) to prepare those who desire a career in real estate.

Students must successfully complete and pass the Real Estate Principles class (REAL-100), the Real Estate Practices class (REAL 101), and one additional class (of the students choosing from the approved list) in the Real Estate Department to academically qualify for the California Real Estate Sales license and examination. These classes may also be applied to the academic requirement for the California Real Estate Broker license and examination.

On successful completion of the full program, the student will be academically qualified to apply to take the California Real Estate Broker examination.

Target occupations for this course of study include real estate sales, real estate broker, mortgage broker, property manager, loan broker, and escrow officer.

Students are advised to check current California Bureau of Real Estate or other applicable agency academic requirements prior to registering for any course to ensure that it satisfies current requirements as a mandatory or elective course for the Real Estate Sales or Real Estate Broker licenses. The CalBRE and other applicable agency requirements change periodically and the Real Estate Program does not warrant that the listed courses meet current requirements.

Degree and Certificate Student Learning Outcome: Students will be able to demonstrate proficiency in the core knowledge required for the California Bureau of Real Estate examination for real estate sales and real estate broker licenses.

Program Requirements:
Units Required: 26

Real Estate Principles | 3.0 units
Real Estate Practices | 3.0 units
Real Estate Financing | 3.0 units
Legal Aspects of Real Estate | 3.0 units
Real Estate Appraisal I | 3.0 units
Principles of Accounting I | 5.0 units

Plus six units from the following:

Business Law | 3.0 units
Business Law Honors | 3.0 units
Real Estate Appraisal II | 3.0 units
Escrow Procedures and Processing | 3.0 units