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Semi-Annual Sociology Book Award                 

To submit your project online, visit the Sociology Book Award Submission Form. The deadline for Spring 2024 submissions is May 24th, 2024 at 5 p.m.

Email Pamela Williams-Paez (or call 661/362-5904) for information about the Book Award.

The Sociology Book Award is an exciting opportunity for any student to submit current projects such as essays; poems; photography; multimedia projects; original film, video, or music; artwork; or other projects related to current social issues.

You don't have to be a sociology student to win. There are three awards to use towards books in our bookstore! Check out the Spring 2024 flyer below:


40th Sociology Book Award flyer


  •    1st place: $250
  •    2nd place: $150
  •    3rdplace: $100

Awards are sponsored by The COC Foundation, Barnes and Noble, and the Sociology Department.
All submissions will be considered based on the following criteria:                                                                 

  1.    Organization of Materials
  2.    Sociological Relevance
  3.    Creativity
  4.    Timeliness of Topic


Check out past recipients below:

Fall 2023

1st Place: Iman Avila for the essay titled, "The Politics of Language and the Legitimacy of Hybrid Identities"

2nd Place: Ashley Recinos for the essay titled, "How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse as an 82-year-old Guatemalan Grandma"

3rd Place: Robert Marquez, for the essay titled, "The Gratitude Served in the House of Chrome"

Spring 2023

1st Place: Brennan Jones for the video titled, "Rescue Anne"

2nd Place: Harrison Tate-Pascua for the essay titled, "American Wealth Disparity and Government Intervention: What to do About America’s Wealth Gap"

3rd Place: Dominic Navarro for the essay titled, "Concern for COVID: How Do Concertgoers Regard COVID-19 in the Era After Lockdown?"

Fall 2022

1st Place: Karen Canfield, for her poem titled, "On the Uterus"

2nd Place: Dorette Chapman, for her poem titled, "Son Down"

3rd Place: Megan Diane for her research project titled, "What factors influence College of the Canyons students to maintain good health?

Spring 2022

1st Place: "150%" Chloe Mendoza

2nd Place: "Undocumented Students At College Of The Canyons Are Getting Help Their Educational Future" Jorge Luis Aguila

3rd Place: "A Look Into the Feminist Perspectives of Pornography: Empowering or a Means of Exploitation" Annotated Bibliography Linsey Towles

Fall 2021

1st Place: "Bittersweet" Brielle Cohen, artwork #1, artwork #2

2nd Place: "Looking Ahead" Angela Baluyut

3rd Place: "The Essence of Now on Gun Control" Andrew S. Kim

Spring 2021

1st Place: Margaret D'Isa-Hogan for her essay titled, "Art Studio For Working Class Ghosts"

2nd Place: Ritchie Hagan for his multi-media production titled, "Queer Expressions in Art"

3rd Place: Juliana Ortega for her slideshow titled, "Reproductive Rights are Women's Rights"

Fall 2020

Spring 2020

1st Place: "Defining Terrorism: What Do We Consider to Be A Terrorist Act" by Dominic Mendoza

2nd Place: "The Homeless Epidemic" by Spencer Moreno

3rd Place: "Reproductoive Rights" by Olivia Pilson 

Fall 2019

1st Place: "The Migrant Child" by Jasmine Campos

2nd Place: "November 14th, Between 7am" by Margaret D'isa-Hogan

3rd Place: "The Effects of Social Media on Politics" by Mark C. Meegan