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Theatre Media, Video & Interviews

This is the media for the College of the Canyons Theatre Department

Production Links

The following are links to recorded and streamed productions.  Click on the link to view each production.

  • Woyzeck by Georg Büchner, directed by David Stears.  First premiered in 1913, this German expressionist work provides the platform to explore separateness, isolation, the elements for expressionism and an ensembles dramaturgical approach to a piece.  The piece is a "choose your own pathway" through the piece.  CLICK HERE: Woyzeck2020

    CONTENT WARNING:  This piece contains themes of lonliness, isolation, mental illness, infidelity, children out of wedlock, expereiments on humans, suicide, and murder.  Some may find these images dark, and or disturbing. Recommended for mature audiences 

    College of the Canyons - All Rights Reserved 2020

  • Each year Mega Corp Inc. hosts a virtual game in which real life players take on avatars navigating the world of Apocalypse 2020, a sharp parallel of reality. Meanwhile, commentators and the luckier few watch from the outside world. When these two worlds collide, “Virtuality: the 2020 Tournaments” takes on a media-obsessed culture intent on turning even the most sorrowful crisis into entertainment. The players are met with a ruthless artificial intelligence, Covid monsters, and testimonies of what it means to live a life under systemic racism—all while fighting to survive, and make it out of the game. With each level, the players start to recognize the systems of oppression intrinsic to the game, and are left to re-evaluate their individual journeys.  

    Virtuality: The 2020 Tournaments is an original piece, written, produced and designed entirely by Hinshaw’s New Play Development Production class: Amanda Amour, Jacqueline Banuelos, Bryna Barron, Saige Boddy, Teal Fink, Carleton Greer, Adrianne Hernandez, Nora McCoy, Bob Mosier, Rebecca Nussbaum, Kohlton Rippee, Camila Saettone, Sedona Vivirito, and Angela White.

    Please be advised that this production contains graphic language, political and social subject matter, including racially sensitive language and content. Recommended for ages 18 and up. 

    College of the Canyons 2020 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED