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This is the project page for the production of WOYZECK by Georg Büchner, directed by David Stears.

Left unfinished at Georg Büchner’s death, the play had an enormous impact on realism, naturalism, and expressionist movements in theatre and literature.  All we have are scenes and notes.  Our production starts with Büchner’s original text as a foundation and adds poems, songs from the era, and “echos” from within the script, which reflect lines that reverberate in the mind of Woyzeck.  There are 24 individual scenes below.  As Büchner did not indicate a specific order for the scenes, we invite you to choose your own path through the scenes.  You may also choose one of two versions in which the scenes are linked together and easily navigated.

Stylistically, the piece uses the separateness of the virtual media, and incorporates many of the elements of German expressionism, appearing in black and white with high contrast shadows and acute camera angles.

CONTENT WARNING:  This piece contains themes of loneliness, isolation, mental illness, infidelity, children out of wedlock, experiments on humans, suicide, and murder.  Some may find these images dark, and or disturbing. Recommended for mature audiences 

Woyzeck Credits

Nice Weather

The Shave

In the Other Room


The Mirror

Camp Fire

Strange Hells

The Experiment


The Tavern

The Sighting

Casting Shadows  

Drum Major







A Smart Horse

At the Lake’s Edge




The Cat

At The Inn

At the Lake’s Edge

The Purchase


The Will

Woyzeck  Complete Journey One

Woyzeck  Complete Journey Two