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Welcome to TLC Guided Learning Activities (GLAs)

In-Person and Online

GLAs are self-paced computer tutorials that are a great way to reinforce learning and make sure that you are retaining the material you are studying. Tutors are available during the GLA to help you with any questions or challenges you have during the process, and they'll review your work when you are done.

All TLC services require your COC ID Number.


Math equations

  • Absolute Values

    Compound Inequalities

    Decimals: Addition and Subtraction

    Decimals: Multiplication and Division

    Decimals/Fractions Conversions

    Exponent Properties

    Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

    Exponential Functions

    Fractions and Mixed Numbers

    Fractions: Addition and Subtraction

    Fractions: Multiplication and Division

    Graphs/Functions: Analyze

    Graphs/Functions: Transformations

    Inverse Functions

    Linear Equations: Addition and Multiplication Properties of Equality

    Linear Functions - Lines

    Linear Functions - Slopes

    Linear Functions: Forms

    Linear Functions: Graphing

    Linear Systems – Addition/Elimination

    Linear Systems – Substitution

    Linear Systems: 3 Equations × 3 Variables

    Linear Systems: Graphing

    Logarithm Basics

    Logarithmic Functions

    Math Anxiety

    Mixed Numbers: Addition and Subtraction

    Mixed Numbers: Multiplication and Division

    Monomials: Multiplying and Simplifying

    Operations with Integers

    Order of Operations

    Polynomials: (+)(−)(×)

    Polynomial Division


    Quadratic Equations: Completing the Square

    Quadratic Equations: Factoring

    Quadratic Equations: Formula

    Quadratic Functions (graphing)

    Radical Equations

    Radical Expressions

    Rational Equations

    Rational Exponents

    Rational Expressions: Addition and Subtraction

    Rational Expressions: Multiplication and Division

    Root Functions (graphing)

    Scientific Notation

    Unit Conversions

    Word Problems: Mixture

    Word Problems: Percent and Interest

    Word Problems: Algebraic

    Word Problems: Motion 

    For more information, contact Nolan Johnston at



Book with heart

  • Analyzing Literary Quotes


    APA 1

    APA 2

    Avoiding Plagiarism

    Comma Use

    Essay Structure 1


    MLA 1

    MLA 2

    Online Research


    Run-On Sentences

    Sentence Fragments

    Thesis Development

    Test Taking Strategies

    For more information, contact Erin Delaney at


GLA Information

Start Online GLA

    • Please have your Student ID Number ready.
    • Check-in at TLC's front registration desk and let the receptionist know you are here for a GLA
    • Tutors are available to assist students at any point during the GLA. Upon completion of the activity, tutors will review the students work with them and answer any questions they may have.
    • Have your Student ID number, class title, and professor's name ready.
    • Let the Moderator know that you are here to take a GLA
    • Tutors are available to assist students at any point during the GLA. Upon completion of the activity, tutors will review the students work with them, and answer any questions they may have.
    • If you find yourself in a waiting room, it means that the TLC host is currently assisting another student. They will let you in to our lobby as soon as they can. Thank you for your patience! 

    Please feel free to contact Alex Halcyon with any questions you may have. He can be reached at (661) 362-3479 or