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NSF WEST Project

“The WEST Team”

staff - Tim BaberTim Baber

Principle Investigator – Welding Education Smart Technology 

staff - Dave ThrasherDavid Thrasher

Co-Principle Investigator – Welding Education Smart Technology 

Dean - Nadia CottiNadia Cotti

Dean, Applied Arts and Technologies 


To advance the field of Welding Technology by integrating smart technology platforms, paired with industry-recognized stackable certificates, into current program curriculum and instructional delivery to educate welding technicians more effectively and efficiently.

Goals and Objectives

Goal: To modernize the model for higher education in a Welding program so that it is responsive to the changing nature of education and the economy under which students are prepared for jobs essential to American economic infrastructure, especially those related to Industry 5.0.

Objective 1: To increase total student enrollment in Welding Education by 7% per year for a total of 21 % as measured by student enrollment records.

Objective 2: To increase the student completion rate in Welding Education to 90% over the course of the three years as measured by student completion records compared to the current baseline of 84%.

Objective 3: To increase the number of industry-related credentials students will complete in the Welding field of study by 5% per year for a total of 15% as measured by student completion. records.

Objective 4: To decrease welding materials costs by 7% per year for a total of 21 % as measured by program end-of-year budget documents.

Objective 5: To increase student exposure to welding by 10% per year for a total of 30% as measured by attendance at welding roadshows, summer programs, and community demonstrations.

staff - Dave Thrasher