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Scheduling Assessments

In order to organize the assessment process, it is important for each department to create a schedule of assessment to ensure that all courses and programs are assessed on a regular basis.

While SLO assessment for courses and pro-grams should be regular, it is not necessary to assess every course and program each semester.

First, consider how many courses and programs your department has. The number of courses and programs will likely affect how often each course or program is assessed. Aim to assess each course at least once every 2-4 years (maximum time 6 years).

Departments may consider grouping like courses together to assess in the same semester using a similar assessment tool. Or, if there aren't clusters of like courses, departments may just split the courses evenly, assessing a similar number of courses each semester.

Once each course and program has been assessed at least once, a regular cycle of assessments for courses and programs should be developed.

Each department should create a written assessment schedule so that the timelines are clear. For assessment schedule forms and sample assessment schedules, please see Appendix J.