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Data Visualizations

Data visualization is a graphical representation of reported information and data. Using visual elements like charts, graphs, maps, and other measures provides an accessible way to view and understand trends and patterns in data. Having a clear vision of these data are instrumental in making data-driven decisions.

Tableau is a program that "helps people transform data into actionable insights." Using this software, the Institutional Research department turns its findings in specific areas into easy-to-understand graphics that help inform the college's decisions to better the student experience. Below are the visualizations available to view.

For questions concerning these visualizations or the data they contain, please email Daylene Meuschke, Preeta Saxena, Vida Manzo, or Alicia LeValley.


Daily Enrollment


Daily Enrollment Visualization

Detailed enrollments showing fill-rates from registration date to end of term. Data refresh daily by 7am.

Enrollment Capacity & Active Enrollments by Schedule

Enrollment Capacity and Active Enrollments by Schedule

This dashboard provides the maximum capacity, and the active enrollment for every section that is offered by days of the week and time-block. (formerly Schedule capacity and Active enrollment dashboards). Excludes 100% online sections which do not have scheduled time blocks.     


Faculty vs. Student Demographics


Faculty vs. Student Demographics Visualization 2020-21

Comparison of demographics (Gender and Race/Ethnicity) for teaching Faculty vs. students enrolled. Refresshed annually in the fall for the prior academic year.

Fall Student Profile


Fall Student Profile

Year over year comparison of demographics by student headcount and enrollments (duplicated) by full-/part-time status, special populations and student geographic location by zip code. Data are refreshed in January for the preceding fall. Excludes ISAs, and students in noncredit, non-graded sections and Noncredit Hybrid sections.


Academic Staffing Data


Academic Staffing Data

The Academic Staffing Data visualization provides academic discipline data on Full-Time Equivalent Faculty (FTEF), Instructional Load (weekly student contact hours/FTEF), Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) Student Headcount and Number of Sections offered by academic year. The data in this visualization are summarized from the “Department Details” dashboard housed in the Academic Program Review Data visualization and used to help academic departments complete the Academic Staffing form as well as inform program review and planning efforts. Refreshed annually in the fall for the prior academic year.

Section Offerings & Enrollment


Section Offerings & EnrollmentThe Section Offerings and Enrollment visualization provides annual and term enrollment and section count data by the college as a whole, division/school and department. In addition, filter provide the ability to view the data by semester, term/year, location, instructional modality, open-educational resources (OER) status, California State University (CSU) General Education (GE) area, and Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) area. Refreshed annually in the fall for the prior academic year.



Academic Program Review


Program Review Success/Retention Overview


Academic Program Review

This visualization provides data on elements required for program review. Course success and retention rates, department details (FTE, sections, load etc.), Awards (degrees/certificates) and Programs of study (Majors across fall terms).

Data are refreshed annually in September when data are complete for the preceding academic year (summer through Spring terms).

Video Tutorials:

Success/Retention Data For Fall Terms


Success/Retention Data For Fall Terms

This visualization provides fall-term data starting in 2017 on success rates, retention rates, grade distributions and enrollments (including headcounts). The data can be filtered by School, Dept, Course, location (online vs. on-ground), Race/Ethnicity, financial aid and special populations.

Data are refreshed annually in January when course, special populations data are complete for the preceding fall term. Financial Aid data are not refreshed until the subsequent summer as it it is an annual report.

Video Tutorials:

Program Majors & Awards


Thumbnail for Prog Majors Awards  Viz

This visualization provides data on elements required for program review. Award earner demographics (degrees/certificates) and Programs of study (Majors across fall terms). Data for Awards are refreshed in September for the preceding year, and data for majors are refreshed in current fall term.

Video Tutorials:

Award Earner Demographics, Program Majors Demographics Fall Terms

Transfer Volume


Transfer Volume

This visualization provides information on number of students transferring to various four-year institutions since 2011 through fall 2021.The data are disaggregated by demographics and by the type of four-year institution (e.g. CSU vs. UC).



Academic Department FTES and Expenses

FTES and Expenses Tableau Visualization




FTES/Sections Trends

FTES/Section Trends Visualization

CTE Labor Market

CTE Labor Market Visualization