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FLEX Week Information

Fall 2024- coming soon

August 9- August 15


Fulltime faculty
are required to complete a minimum of 41 FLEX/Professional Development hours per academic year, from Juy 1 - June 30.

Adjunct faculty who are hired and scheduled to teach in either Summer 2024 or Fall 2024 are eligible to receive payment for attending Fall 2024 Professional Development/FLEX workshops, up to 9 hours per semester.  The first 5 hours are paid at the instructional rate and the last 4 hours are paid at the non-instructional rate. 

  • Fall runs July 1 – December 31
  • Spring runs January 1 – June 30
  • Please see Article 19 of the AFT contract for more information.


  • There are many opportunities to do so throughout the year.  The list of activities below describes the variety of options you have.

    Attend on-campus Professional Development workshops
    Workshops and other training opportunities are offered during fall and spring FLEX weeks and throughout the year.  Please be sure to sign the sign-in sheet at each session you attend in order to receive FLEX credit.

    Do an Independent FLEX Project
    An independent project proposal form must be submitted to the Professional Development office and approved prior to beginning the project, and by the submission deadline of the first Monday after spring break.  To receive FLEX credit, a final project report must be submitted by June 30, 2023. The proposal form is available at .


    Conduct Fulltime and Adjunct Faculty Evaluations
    3 hours for the evaluator
    2 hours for the evaluatee
    Please email Sarah Dettman at with the name of the faculty that you evaluated and the date the evaluation was completed.


    Attend Conferences Outside of Scheduled Work Hours
    Please complete a FLEX application form online at .
    Applications must be submitted within 21 days of the conference.

    Sign up for Individual Computer Tutoring
    FLEX credit - 3 hours max per year
    Scheduled tutoring sessions in your own work area, on your own computer are available. To schedule an appointment, please send an email to Heather Stewart at . Please be sure to indicate the program or software in which you would like to receive tutoring.

    Sign up for Individual Web Page Tutoring
    FLEX credit – 2 hours max per year
    Staff members from Computer Support Services will be available by appointment for tutoring sessions throughout the year. They are available to assist individuals on specific topics related to web page development. When requesting a tutoring session, please indicate your desired topic. To make an appointment, please send an email to Heather Stewart at .

    Engage in Individual SLO Training
    FLEX credit - 3 hours max per year
     Members of the SLO committee are available to meet with you by appointment in order to meet your individual training needs regarding Student Learning Outcomes and Student Learning Outcomes assessment. To set up an appointment, please contact Mary Powell at and Saburo Matsumoto at and include the topic you would like to learn more about as well as your availability. Learning outcomes will vary by session. To receive FLEX credit, please report your training time via email to Sarah Dettman at .


    Take the Canvas Self-Paced Online Course
    FLEX credit - 5 hours
    This online, self-paced training provides an overview of Canvas, including layout and settings, how to build, organize and edit content, effective online communication tools, and Canvas assessment tools.

    For more information, please visit .


    Participate in the Professional Development Mentor Program
    FLEX credit - 8 hours semester/16 hours max per year

    The purpose of the Professional Development Mentor Program is to provide opportunities for employees who have a desire to develop and enhance their career development opportunities, to be paired with a mentor who will guide, advise and motivate them to continue to improve their skills and knowledge and grow with the College.  

    The Professional Development Mentor Program is open to all full-time and adjunct faculty, classified and confidential staff and administrators.  Applications are accepted prior to the start of the fall semester.  Please contact Heather Stewart at for the application and additional information.


    Participate in the Mentor Program for Faculty Teaching with Canvas
    FLEX credit - 8 hours sem/16 hours max per year
    The Mentor Program for Faculty Teaching with Canvas is designed to provide additional support to instructors during the first semester or two of online teaching. The program will pair new online instructors with instructors who are experienced with online teaching in order to provide feedback on course design and offer ongoing encouragement and advice. Mentors will earn 8 hours of FLEX credit per semester, with a maximum of 16 hours per academic year. New online instructors can request a mentor by contacting Joy Shoemate at   If you are an experienced online instructor and would like to become a mentor, please contact Joy Shoemate at the email above.


    Participate in the Alliances Mentor Program
    FLEX credit - varied

    • Mentors may set individual hours of availability for students to meet with the mentor outside of Alliance meetings.
    • FLEX hours for mentoring may include:
      • Alliance meetings
      • Alliance events
      • Mentor support meetings (i.e., Alliance Leads Check-in)
      • Mentor-student meetings    
    • FLEX hours are also available for faculty who attend alliance meetings.

    Please complete an Alliance Mentoring Proposal online at out 


    Participate in IRB Training (Institutional Review Board Training)
    FLEX credit – 6 hours basic/3 hours refresher for IRB board members.
    FLEX credit – 2 hours basic/1 hour refresher for faculty submitting requests to the IRB.

    The Santa Clarita Community College District Institutional Review Board is charged with protecting the rights and welfare of human research subjects for projects in which the District is engaged. Guided by the principles of The Belmont Report: Ethical Principles and Guidelines for the Protection of Human Subjects of Research, the SCCCD IRB reviews all human research protocols in accordance with federal regulations, State laws, and local and District policies. The SCCCD IRB is comprised of members from various disciplines in the social/behavioral sciences, biological/physical sciences, nursing, institutional research office, and community/lay members (as needed) to assure a comprehensive review process. Through a collaborative partnership, the SCCCD IRB assists investigators in the protection of human subjects.

    Please contact Dr. Daylene Meuschke at for additional information.


    Attend Non-COC Provider Training
    Faculty and staff can earn FLEX credit for attending training provided by entities outside of the Professional Development program.  Please complete a FLEX application form online at .


    Collaborate on a Project
    FLEX credit is given for faculty who collaborate with another on-campus department or individual on a project or initiative.  Please complete a FLEX application form online at .


    Engage in Outreach
    FLEX credit is given for faculty who engage in outreach activities on behalf of the Santa Clarita Community College District. Please complete a FLEX application form online at .


    Propose a Workshop
    Faculty and staff are invited to propose a workshop to be presented as part of the Professional Development program offerings.  If you would be interested in proposing a workshop, please complete the online proposal form at .


    College of the Canyons is committed to providing the highest quality Professional Development program possible.  Over seven hundred training opportunities are available to faculty and staff annually on a variety of relevant topics.  Every employee is encouraged to complete a personal Professional Development plan each year and engage in training that addresses the needs identified in that plan.

    If you desire training on a topic that is not currently listed in the FLEX booklet or Professional Development program offerings, please contact Heather Stewart in the Professional Development office at or at 661.362.3100.  Every effort will be made to make the training available to you.