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 Fred Talks - Focused Relevant Educational Dialogues College of the Canyons

Welcome to our FRED talks homepage.

FRED talks are Focused, Relevant, Educational Dialogues developed by College of the Canyons to cover important topics of interest to faculty and staff both here at College of the Canyons and at other community colleges throughout the state. These informational videos are separated into nine categories covering a variety of subjects. Please watch our Welcome video for more information on FRED talks and browse our library of topics.

Introduction to FRED Talks 
by Wendy Trujillo




 Distance Learning Economic Development Facts and Figures

Getting the Word Out

General Information

  • How to Facilitate an Effective Committee Meeting
  • 50 Percent and FON
  • Acceleration by Matt Teachout 
    This presentation summarizes why colleges should consider accelerating math curriculum and discusses various methods for accelerating including creating a statistics pathway, decreasing the number of developmental math levels, fixing the placement process, and personalized accelerated learning (PAL). 
  • Accounting Procedures by Fiscal Services 
    This presentation summarizes everything Fiscal Services does for the Campus community and it includes detailed steps on how to navigate the various forms and accounting requirements. It encompasses how District Deposits are handled, the importance of General Ledger Accounts, how to request Travel Reimbursements, Paying Vendors for products and services, the importance of Tagging Inventory and more! By the time you finish viewing this FRED talk, you should have a better understanding of why Fiscal asks for detail and how to properly navigate the system to get what you need, when you need it, while complying with the various regulatory agencies. 
  • First Year Promise by Jasmine Ruys
  • Placement by Michael Monsour 
    This video describes how students assess at COC in Math, English, and ESL prior to the AB 705 imposed changes, expected in Fall, 2019. This overview also helps shed light on how we develop our assessment tools and describes the differences between 'assessment test' and 'placement' - which includes multiple factors like students' academic histories. Furthermore, the video describes our dedication to providing the best placements possible by constantly updating our system to improve student success outcomes 
  • Canyon Country Campus by Ryan Theule & Anthony Michaelides 
    Learn all about the Canyon Country Campus (CCC) an important part of COCs instructional and student services programming located approx. 10 miles east of the Valencia Campus. Whether you are a student, instructor, staff member, or community member, the Canyon Country Campus offers an array of programs and services to foster learning and innovation and plays an important part in the districts instruction and student support. 
  • Grants Development by Amber Cole
  • Introduction to IE by Daylene Meuschke 
    Learn about COCs Institutional Effectiveness & Inclusive Excellence Committee (IE)2 a college-wide committee focused on supporting and improving student success and completion, and affectionately known as IE-quantity squared. Find out how this committee was formed, what it does to support student success and the Canyons Completes initiative, whats on the horizon, and how you can get involved.
  • Veteran Resource Center by Renard Thomas
  • Campus Resources by Hsiawen Hull
  • Volunteer Bureau by Yasser Issa


  • Working with Contracts by April Graham, Michelle Goodwin, and Sabrina Snowbridge. 
    Almost everything we do and everything we purchase needs a contract these days. The content of today's contracts can be confusing and overwhelming to anyone not familiar with them. Fortunately, our contracts office at College of the Canyons is here to help. Please join April Graham, Director of Contracts, Procurement, and Risk Management as she and her staff help to demystify contracts and let you know what you need to do before you enter into a contract with an outside organization.
  • Cybersecurity by Michael Gunther

People Factor 

Show Me The Money

  • Fundrasing by Murray Wood 
    The aim of my FRED Talk was to help viewers understand the power and the potential of engaging the community, demonstrating our mission, and asking for financial support for your projects and programs. The Foundation hopes to help you with your fundraising efforts and would like you to look toward us a resource in supporting your work.

Student Centered

  • Registration Tutorial by Admissions and Records 
    This video provides a simple, straightforward tutorial, on using the My Canyons system to view assigned registration dates, search for available class sections, and how to add and drop classes. It also provides friendly tips to make the registration process as seamless as possible.