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College Leadership

College of the Canyons has had six CEOs since its creation in 1968. 

David C. Andrus, J.D.  

David C. Andrus, J.D.

  • Acting Chancellor, 2024

David C. Andrus, J.D., a political science professor and immediate past president of the Academic Senate, was named acting chancellor effective July 15, 2024.

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook  

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook

  • Chancellor, 2008 to 2024
  • Superintendent-President, 1988-2008

Dr. Dianne G. Van Hook, the college's first chancellor, assumed her role as superintendent-president on July 1, 1988. She was named chancellor in 2008 and served in that capacity through July 14, 2024.

Dr. Ramon LaGrandeur  

Dr. Ramon F. LaGrandeur

  • Superintendent-President, 1983-1988 

Dr. Ramon F. LaGrandeur, former president of Spokane Community College, stepped into his role at College of the Canyons on May 1, 1983, facing a budget deficit of nearly $500,000. He served in this capacity until his retirement in 1988. He died in 1995 at age 68, having spent more than 30 years in education.

Gary Mouck  

Mr. Gary Mouck

  • Interim Superintendent-President, 1982-1983 

Mr. Gary Mouck served as interim superintendent-president on two occasions – during the void created by the resignation of Dr. Leland Newcomer in 1982, and following the retirement of the first superintendent-president, Dr. Robert Rockwell, in 1978. He set a retirement date of his own for Dec. 15, 1982, but he dutifully agreed to stay on until a replacement for Dr. Newcomer could be found. He retired in 1983 and died in Nevada in early 2019.

Dr. Leland Newcomer  

Dr. Leland B. Newcomer

  • Superintendent-President, 1979-1982

Dr. Leland B. Newcomer, former president of La Verne College and superintendent of Grossmont Union High School District, assumed his role as the college's top administrator on July 1, 1979. He arrived during a particularly difficult period for all of California's publicly funded institutions. Just a year earlier, voters approved Proposition 13, which led to significant cutbacks in education. He resigned in June 1982. He died in 2007 at the age of 86.

Gary Mouck  

Mr. Gary Mouck

  • Interim Superintendent-President, 1978-1979

Mr. Gary Mouck worked with Dr. Robert Rockwell at Santa Barbara City College, and he followed his mentor to the Santa Clarita Valley. His primary responsibility was serving as vice president and assistant superintendent of instruction, handling day-to-day operations. He assumed the top post on an interim basis when Dr. Rockwell retired in 1978, and again in 1982 when Dr. Leland Newcomer resigned. He retired in 1983 and died in Nevada in early 2019.