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June 26, 2019

Canyons Promise Sees Record-Breaking Growth

“I am going to be the first of my family to go to college,” wrote one of the 738 students who were accepted into the 2019-20 Canyons Promise cohort in their application essay. “Being a part of this program will help me succeed in my future and have the ability to transfer to a UC or Cal State University.” Canyons Promise, which waives tuition and fees for new full-time college students during their first year of study, will serve more students than ever when the new cohort enters College of the Canyons in fall 2019.

The program, previously known as First-Year Promise, achieved a record-breaking increase of 111 percent over its launch in 2017, when 350 students were accepted.

“We are excited to see the new Canyons Promise class start this fall,” said Jasmine Ruys, associate vice president of enrollment services. “It has been incredible to witness the program’s continuous growth and its successful impact on students who have participated.” 

This college’s recent Commencement ceremonies for the graduating class of 2019 was the first to include First-Year Promise students.  It included 105 students from the inaugural First-Year Promise cohort, which began in the fall 2017 semester.  

The increase in the number of students COC accepted was made possible through a combination of state funds and private donations.

“We are so grateful to all the donors who contributed to the Foundation’s fundraising campaign for the Canyons Promise program,” said Murray Wood, Chief Development Officer at the COC Foundation.  “Their generosity will make a difference to the lives of so many of our students, as their gifts pay dividends for years to come.”

In addition to waived tuition and fees, students also benefit from priority registration privileges and receive a $100 voucher per semester that can be applied toward textbooks, supplies and instructional materials. 

Many courses are offered with the benefits of Zero Textbook Cost materials, peer mentors, and other learning community elements. Students also have access to a parking pass or city bus pass, and free computer lab printing services. 

Students are welcomed into the program with a half-day summer counseling workshop during which they complete career assessments and receive academic guidance. 

To help students remain on track, counseling and student support are offered throughout the year. Students who maintain eligibility the first year will be eligible for waived tuition and fees for their second year. 

A Welcome Day event on Friday, Aug. 9 will help all Canyons Promise students gain the skills needed to be successful. In addition, students new to COC are welcome to attend.