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Katrina Manning

Councilwoman of Hawthorne

Katrina Manning currently serves as the Councilwoman of Hawthorne for 90,000 residents. After a campaign of strength, perseverance and faith, Councilwoman Manning was elected to serve the people of Hawthorne. Service has always been in her heart as a core value, but it was perseverance and faith that propelled her to win the City Council seat.

Since being elected to Hawthorne City Council November 8, 2022, Councilwoman Manning has made helping the homeless, public safety, economic development and investing in our youth and seniors a priority. 

Prior to her election, Councilwoman Manning served as president of the Holly Park Homeowners Association, the Hawthorne Park and Recreation Commission, she continues to serve with several other volunteer organizations and has received many awards of distinction demonstrating her 30-year-long record of community service.  

Councilwoman Manning has been deeply engaged in the community leading the Holly Park Homeowners Association as President. Under her leadership, she created the city’s first “Movies in the Park,” and went on to serve on several fronts for the City of Hawthorne. She produced National Night Out with the Hawthorne police department., for which Senator Rod Wright cited her with the “Woman of Distinction” award for her leadership.

Councilwoman Manning always seeks to inspire others to answer their call to serve.

To Councilwoman Manning, it is her desire to inspire and make a positive impact to further strengthen her community that drives her. She encourages and recruits’ others to join her and is willing to serve as an example of how perseverance, faith, strength, and integrity can lead to a powerful servant position.  

Professionally, Councilwoman Manning works for Blue Shield Promise Health Plan as a Community Engagement Manager, a passionate community leader, responsible for managing and investing in the strategic process to engage communities to achieve sustainable outcomes, goals, and relationships.

Katrina provides strategic leadership with innovative programs that support corporate goals. She develops partnerships with stakeholders to strengthen social welfare, strategic planning, policies, and implementation.

Additionally, a licensed realtor, she has touched the lives of many people helping them find a family a home.

Councilwoman Manning is a member of the Board of Directors for Northeast Community Clinic, where they serve all of Los Angeles County.

Councilwoman Manning received her Master’s degree in public administration and her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills and a certificate in public policy from the Los Angeles African American Women’s Public Policy Institute.

When she is not working on city issues or in her profession, she spends her time volunteering for varies projects and organizations.

Manning currently resides in Hawthorne with her Husband and daughter.




Katrina Manning