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High Tech Center Computer Lab

Located in Seco Hall, room 103, Valencia campus, the High Tech Center Computer Lab is packed with technology, software, and hardware to facilitate easy access to your online coursework, ZOOM class meetings or assignments, Microsofot Office suite, and friendly staff who are there to help you with your questions.  

Assistive technologies (AT), are technology tools, hardware, software (high-tech, low-tech, or "no-tech" tools), that can enhance or improve one's ability to perform tasks that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to complete.

The High Tech Center houses a variety of technologies, hardware, and software tools that support students' unique learning styles, preferences, and needs. 

Available AT includes:

  • Text-to-Speech Software: Customizable options enhance learning, reading, writing, and support retention of information
  • Assistive Computer Mouse: joystick style computer mice, ball/t-bar computer mice, left-handed mouse options, and customized visually impaired stations with custom mouse icon and movement settings. 
  • Speech Recognition Software: Transcribes dictated or spoken content. Speech Recognition tools enable users with mobility impairments, or those who have difficulty using the keyboard and mouse, due to conditions such as arthritis or RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury), create documents, use email, or other computer applications.
  • Screen-Readers and Magnification Software and Tools: Enable students who are blind or visually impaired, access and interact with computer applications and online content.
  • Note-taking Technologies: Note-taking strategies and related technologies can support student learning and retention. 
  • Customizable Computer Options: Specialized keyboards, & mice are available to accommodate students' unique access and learning needs.
  • Document Enlarger: Simple, ready to use document enlarger makes seeing small print possible for low vision or visually impaired students. Adjustable contrast options, zoom in and zoom out capability, and visual impairment enhancement options are available, and our lab technicians are ready to help you.
  • Amazing and Helpfull Staff: The AAC High Tech Center staff are ready to welcome you to our high tech lab with a smile and a genuine desire to assist you access your content. Our focus is on connecting you with the right technology to make your educational experience accessible. Technology training, setup, and assistance is always offered and available so please do not hesitate to visit us in SECO-103, Valencia Campus.