Campus Life & Student Engagement

In-Person Appointments

Campus Life & Student Engagement and the ASG Computer Labs are now accepting appointments for in-person service. At this time, appointments are limited to Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings and are offered at both campuses.  Additional Remote Services are also available and are listed below.

Campus Life & Student Engagement - Valencia Campus

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Campus Life & Student Engagement/ASG Computer Lab - Canyon Country Campus

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ASG Computer Lab - Valencia
curbside print order pickup
is still an option

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Remote Services:

Campus Life Zoom Room Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday - 10am - 5pm
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Virtual Student Support Fee Benefits:

ASG Computer Lab:
Monday - Thursday remote assistance Zoom Room & FREE PRINTING benefits for students
Details on webpage: ASG Computer Lab

Free Door Dash DashPass:
DashPass allows students unlimited free delivery (with a minimum order of $12.00), with service fees capped at 5%, along with exclusive university promos + discounts!  Students will also receive 5% cashback on all pick up orders!  There are over 220 restaurant options to select from, along with convenience and grocery options right to your door!

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Free Virtual 25Score Card:
For access to 1000+ dining, services, retail, and entertainment discount (including movie theaters, sports, theme parks, and concerts), request your free 25Score Card by filling out this form: 25Score Card Request Form

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information can be found on the commencement page

Our Mission

It is the mission of Campus Life & Student Engagement to develop, promote, and provide educational, social, and cultural co-curricular activities that promote Campus Life & Student Engagement, complement academic life for the student beyond the classroom.

These various opportunities enhance and develop student leadership, personal growth, interpersonal organizational skills, and civic responsibility.

The overall aim of Campus Life & Student Engagement is to engage students with the College and promote student success, retention, and persistence.