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2022-2023 ASG Senate

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Position Candidate Photo  Statement
President Collin Shneour  Collin Shneour This past year, I have been working as your ASG Vice President of Inter-Club Council. In this position, I have learned how we can improve the student experience. For example, I will ensure there is representation for every student, especially when implementing policy changes at COC. Additionally, I will work so that every professor is educated on using online services, such as Canvas, to their fullest extent. Finally, I will encourage more student representation so that our needs as students are always considered. 
Executive Vice President Clarissa Zuo Clarissa Zuo Hi everyone! My name is Clarissa Zuo and I am a project lead in the NASA Team here at CoC. I have a strong vision for ways to encourage personal growth, relationships, and career success in the student body next year, but my #1 influence will always be YOU. If elected, I will be an open ear for all students and a representative you will feel comfortable coming to. Whether it’s an idea you had for an event or a policy you think should change on campus, I will always listen and fight to get you what you need. 
Executive Vice President of Activities Sharika Shahid  Sharika Shahid As Executive VP of Activities, I intend to organize events that provide accurate representation of students at COC while acting as a voice for all students and their concerns. I believe that portraying the diverse cultures of our campus is vital, specifically in allowing us to grow more understanding of different perspectives. As a unified campus, I aim to listen to our students' voices of concerns in order to bring about positive change to COC. Students are a core element to our school, so working alongside them in order to cater to their needs is my main goal! 
Vice President of Activities - Valencia Campus Kimberly Lopez  Kimberly Lopez As Vice President of Activities for the Valencia Campus, I plan to create an inclusive space for all College of the Canyons students. In addition, I want to represent the voice of the students through the events that I plan and execute. My prior experience as Social Student Involvement Coordinator for the Spring of 2022 certifies me as the best candidate for this position because I have experience planning and executing events. I hope to bring lots of fun, laughs, and memories in the fall semester. Don’t forget to vote Kimberly Lopez for Vice President of Activities on May 9-13th!