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Campus Safety Filing a Sexual Harassment Complaint

Filing a Discrimination or Harassment Complaint

Any student, employee, or third party who believes he or she has been discriminated against, is the victim of sexual assault, or may have been harassed in violation of board policies has the right to file a complaint. The college strongly encourages anyone who believes they are being harassed or discriminated against to file a complaint. If possible, complaints should be filed within 30 days of the incident. While all complaints are taken seriously and will be investigated promptly, a delay in filing impedes the District’s ability to investigate or remediate.

For filing a complaint, you will want to contact Human Resources at (661) 362-3427. The Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Human Resources for COC is the “responsible District officer” charged with receiving complaints of discrimination or harassment, and for coordinating their investigation.

If you have a sexual assault complaint, any member of our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is available. Our SART members are annually trained employees on campus that will ensure that services are provided to victims of sexual assault. Members of the SART team include: the Director and Assistant Director of Student Health; Director of Campus Safety; Dean of Students; Vice President – Human Resources; and Vice President – Student Services. Others may be added as needed.

In addition you may report harassment to the following areas:

  • Vice President, Student Services: (661) 362-3292
  • Student Health and Wellness: (661) 362-3259
  • Human Resources: (661) 362-3427
  • Dean of Students: (661) 362-3260

On the Valencia campus, contact Campus Safety (661) 362-3229. On the Canyon Country Campus, contact Campus Safety at (661) 362-3977

Filing a complaint against the Santa Clarita Community College District (College of the Canyons).

If a complainant decides to file a formal written unlawful discrimination or harassment complaint against the College, he or she shall file the complaint on a form prescribed by the State Chancellor’s Office.  These approved forms are available in the Human Resources Office and they are on the State Chancellor’s website at:

The complaint must be filed with any of the following:

  • The Chancellor of the Santa Clarita Community College District (College of the Canyons);
  • Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Human Resources for Santa Clarita Community College District (College of the Canyons); or
  • The State Chancellor’s Office.