Canyons Connects

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Canyons Connects (Powered by Starfish) is software intended for retention and intervention. The software connects many instructors, students and many campus services together under one umbrella. This affords instructors to the ability to raise awareness if there are small nudges to help a student correct underperforming, or celebrating a student's fantastic effort!

The Canyons Connects allows for an instantaneous referral to help a student intentionally, and exactly where they may need support. This support can encircle the students with multiple service ensuring high touch support, and that no student is left behind.

Support Includes:

  • Access to office hours
  • Counseling & Advising
  • Tutoring Services
  • Special Population contact
  • Peer Mentor Outreach
  • BIT connections
  • Health & Welfare Services
  • Financial Aid
  • with MANY more coming online...