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Counseling Courses

The mission of the Instructional Counseling Program is to teach students the strategies to become self-aware, develop educational and career goals, make decisions and problem solve, and accept responsibility for gaining the skills to become a more proficient and confident learner.

COUNS 010 (1 Unit)
Career Exploration (Offered credit/no credit only)
This course assists students in making career decisions.  Emphasis is on selecting a career based on personal interests, abilities, values, and goals through self assessment and career research.
COUNS 100 (3 units)
Success Strategies for the Adult Re-Entry Student (CSU transferable - CSU GE Area E)
This course integrates personal growth and values, academic study strategies and critical and creative thinking proficiency for adult reentry students, emphasizing the attainment of lifelong success in academic, professional, and personal development.
COUNS 110 (3 units)
Career Life-Planning (CSU transferable - CSU GE Area E)
This course introduces self-assessment tools to identify college majors and careers by clarifying interests, skills, values, and personality type. Students also examine the decision-making process, self-management, life roles and goal-setting. It includes a review of labor market trends, career research, interviewing skills, resume and cover letter writing, and job search strategies.
COUNS 111 (1 unit)
Introduction to College and Strategies for Success (CSU transferable - CSU GE Area E)
This course focuses on the various components necessary for college planning and academic success. Readiness for college will be explored with special attention given to students' responsibilities, study skills assessment, personal values, motivation, and goal setting. Topics include values clarification, decision making, study skills, choosing a major, the responsible student, and educational planning. Students will identify their educational goals and develop a personal plan to reach those goals.
COUNS 120 (1 unit)
University Transfer Planning (CSU transferable)
This course provides students with information and resources to facilitate a smooth transfer to 4 year colleges and universities. Topics include UC/CSU applications, major and general education requirements, financial aid/scholarships, personalized student education plans, and analysis of factors involved in the selection of transfer schools.
COUNS 142 (3 units)
Learning to Learn (CSU transferable - CSU GE Area E)
Focuses on brain-based learning strategies that develop self-regulatory learning:  discovering self-motivation; gaining self-awareness; developing emotional intelligence; employing interdependence; accepting personal responsibility; applying active listening; reading and note-taking; monitoring performance; and developing a growth mindset that believes in self.  Students will combine theory and practice to become successful learners and successful college students.
COUNS 150 (3 units)
Student Success (CSU & UC transferable - CSU GE Area E)
This course is designed for new students as a complete orientation of the responsibilities and benefits of higher education.  Educational planning, goal setting, and career choices are examined.  Study and life survival skills are provided to ensure a successful academic experience.