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Transfer Resources

New Transfer Workshops / Fall 2021!

  • Transfer 101
  • I've Been Admitted, Next Steps
  • I've Been Denied, Next Steps
  • Ready, Set, Apply
  • UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
  • CSU Application
  • UC Application
  • UC Personal Inquiry Questions

This page is updated frequently - please check routinely for the most current transfer information.

  • Transfer 101 Workshop:  This workshop will discuss important information for students who are interested in transferring to four-year universities.  It will detail what the admission requirements are, what are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a four-year university and what are some key recommendations to ensure you transfer successfully.

    Tues. Sept. 14th 10-11:30 AM
    Wed. Sept 22nd 4:30-6:00 PM
    Thurs. Oct. 7th 11-12:30 PM
    Mon. Oct. 25th 4-5:30 PM
    Friday Nov. 12th 9-10:30 AM
    Tues. Nov. 23rd 12:30-2:00 PM
    Wed. Dec. 8th   3-4:30 PM

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    I've Been Admitted, Next Steps:  This workshop provides information to students who have been admitted to a College or university and will discuss specific steps to consider before committing or submitting the student intention to register.  It will also discuss important deadlines for recently admitted students and how to deal to transition into the new school.

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    I've Been Denied, Next Steps:  This workshop is designed to help students  who were denied admissions from a four-year University.  We will discuss what you need to know, what action you can take and whether you should appeal the decision.  We will also provide guidelines on what steps you can take in the future.

    - Watch our Transfer Workshop video: I've Been Denied, What Now?

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    Ready, Set, Apply:  This workshop is design for student who have completed 30 units or more and would like to learn more about the application process and timeline for CSU/UC and Private/Independent schools.

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    UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG):   Why be uncertain about admissions when you can have guarantee admissions?  This workshop is intended for students who will be apply for admissions to UC for fall 2022.  Topics will include:

    • UC TAG (Transfer Admission Guarantee) specific requirements by Campus
    • Benefits
    • Who is eligible to submit a TAG application
    • Review the specific timeline and how to access the application

    August 30th  3:00-4:30 PM
    Sept.  9th 4:00-5:30 PM
    Sept. 16th 12:30-2 PM
    Sept.  24th 10-11:30 AM

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    Honors/TAP & TAG Benefits: 
    This workshop is design for students who might be interested in learning more about how to increase their chances of admission into UCLA and other UC’s.  You will learn about TAG (Transfer Admissions Guarantee) to one of the participating UC campuses.  We will review the Honors Program requirements and benefits, the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) and the UC TAG requirements.  If you are planning to transfer to a UC campus, you will benefit to learn about this information. 

    Nov. 2nd - 3-4:30 PM
    Nov. 11
    th - 10-11:30 AM
    Nov. 17
    th - 3-4:30 PM
    Nov. 22
    nd - 9-10:30 AM 

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    CSU Application:  This workshop is designed for students who will be submitting their CSU Admissions Application for fall 2022.  The workshop will go over each sections of the application, beginning with how to create an account and will cover the different parts of the application and specific recommendations.  Students will have a chance to ask questions as well.

    Sept. 8th - 11-12:30 PM
    Sept. 13th - 4-5:30 PM
    Sept. 22nd – 10-11:30 AM
    Sept. 30 - 12-1:30 PM
    October 8th  10-11:30 AM
    October 12th 2-3:30 PM
    Oct. 18th - 4-5:30 PM
    Oct. 27th - 9-10:30 AM
    Oct. 29th - 11-12:30 PM
    Nov. 3rd - 3-4:30 PM
    Nov. 8th - 10-11:30 AM
    Nov. 12th – 12-1:30 PM
    Nov. 16th – 10-11:30 AM
    Nov. 18th - 12-1:30
    Nov. 22nd - 2-3:30 PM
    Nov. 29th - 11-12:30 PM
    Nov. 30th - 3-4:30 PM

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    UC Application:  This workshop is designed for student who will be submitting a UC Admissions Application for fall 2022.  The workshop will go over every section of the application, beginning with how created an account and the different parts of the application, including specific

    Sept. 14th - 10-11:30 AM
    Sept. 20th - 12:30-2 PM
    Sept. 24th - 11-12:30 PM
    Sept 29th -  4-5:30 PM
    Oct. 4th - 10-11:30 AM
    Oct. 13th - 3-4:30 PM
    Oct. 19th - 1-2:30 PM
    Oct. 21st - 11-12:30 PM
    Oct. 25th - 9-10:30 AM
    Nov. 2nd – 10:30-12 PM
    Nov. 5th – 11-12:30 PM
    Nov. 10th – 3-4:30 PM
    Nov. 15th 10-11:30 AM
    Nov. 17th - 4-5:30 PM
    Nov. 23rd 1-2:30 PM
    Nov. 29th 9-10:30 AM
    Nov. 30th 1:30-3 PM

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    UC Personal Inquiry Questions:  This workshop will review and go over the Personal Inquiry Questions.  The facilitator will go over specific suggestions and recommendations.  We will go over examples of strong and weak essays.

    Sept. 22nd 9-10:30 AM
    Oct. 5th 11-12:30 PM
    Oct. 22nd 2-3:30 PM
    Nov. 4th 10-11:30 AM
    Nov. 15th 3:4:30 PM
    Nov. 24th 9-10:30 AM

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  • UCLA Fall Open House:  September 25 - 30, 2021

    • Join faculty, staff and students as you explore UCLA!  You will have an opportunity to learn about admission, financial aid, housing, academic programs, student life and more. 
    • Sign up link HERE


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  • Meet with a college admissions representative from UC, CSU, and private universites.  Review the fall 2020 schedule and RSVP for a meeting HERE.
  • Common Application

    Common Application Guide

    To complete the "College Report" section of the Common Application, email