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Employer Get Started

Employers should have reviewed the Employer Frequently Asked QuestionsInternship Checklist, Requirements and Labor Laws first. Now that you know how to prepare for and host an intern, you're ready to get started!

Below are instructions for posting your internship.

  1. Go to the Employers page and select the Career Connect by Jobspeaker button
  2. “Sign In” using the “For Employers” button
  3. Enter your information and click “Log In to Jobspeaker”
  4. If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to complete a new profile
    • Update your settings in the top right corner by entering contact information, title and other information that you would want students and industry partners to see.  Click Save
  5. Once logged in, click on “Jobs” in the left navigation menu
  6. Click on “Post Job” located on the top right corner
  7. Complete relevant information for posting
    • Required information is designated with an " * ”
    • For unpaid internships, make a note in compensation field (eg: This is an unpaid internship)
    • Add “Intern” to the title for the position
  8. Select “School Boards” on which to post
    • “College of the Canyons” – to publish job only to College of the Canyons students
    • “Post to Jobspeaker Board” – to publish job to all students on Jobspeaker across the state.
  9. Click on “Post” to finalize the position
  10. Allow Internship staff 48 business hours to review and approve the internship posting


Save your username and password to update the internship or to add a new one.

Contact the Internship Office for assistance with your Career Connect by Jobspeaker account or to report an internship placement: 661-362-3309 or

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Upon approval, your internship will be available online for students to view and our office will begin marketing the opportunity to current COC students or recent graduates.

Interested students will submit a resume to the internship you posted. Career Connect by Jobspeaker will send you an email from announcing a student is interested with the resume included. This is a no-reply email.

You are responsible for contacting the student to make arrangements for an interview. You may contact the student directly from Jobspeaker using the “Add Interview” feature or by using the information provided in the student’s resume.

When you select a student for the internship, it is critical that you contact the Internship Office to ensure the student is registered for the correct internship class and Workers Compensation is in place for unpaid interns.