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Internship & Work Experience Orientations

 Which orientation should a student complete?

  • Complete an Internship Orientation: 
    • If you are seeking credit for a paid or unpaid internship through enrollment in a CWE course.
    • OR if you are participating in a program at COC that requires enrollment in a CWE course for completion of your certificate or degree AND you are already employed within your field of study. This means you want to earn internship credit for a job that is related to your major.
  • Complete a Work Experience Orientation: If you would like to use a job for work experience credit and the job is unrelated to your program of study.

Tips for completing documents within the orientations:

Once the orientation video ends, click on the "Voluntary Activity Waiver" and complete the document. After you complete the waiver, scroll up to locate the "Internship Orientation Completion Form" or "Work Experience Orientation Completion Form" and complete the form.

Steps for enrollment in a CWE course:

Once you complete the Orientation and Voluntary Activity Waiver, visit the CWE 186/188/189 Registration page for a list of the steps to complete for enrollment in a CWE course: